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Tips on picking baby names

One of the most exciting parts of being pregnant is choosing a baby name. Choosing a name is a pretty big thing because it's something we keep for all our lives. Even though I don't share my kids' names on my blog, it's not strange for me to be writing this post. The process is… Continue reading Tips on picking baby names

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Things I’ve been told as a mama of three

Since becoming a mama of three, I've come 'under fire' from all kinds of comments.  I got a couple as well when we found out that we were expecting another boy and honestly, it wasn't a fun time, especially because of the emotions I was already dealing with. I think that when someone drops a… Continue reading Things I’ve been told as a mama of three


Real-talk goals for homeschool mamas

Today, we're officially kicking off our 2019 homeschool year! It's an exciting one too! Although Monster has to re-do Grade R because of his speech delay, we're going with a new curriculum this year so he gets extra stimulation, and not being bored with doing the same stuff another year, as well as giving us… Continue reading Real-talk goals for homeschool mamas

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Gross Things We’ve All Done: Thanks, Mamahood

Mamahood is beautiful, I won't lie. It's fulfilling yet trying. It gives you a love you never knew you could have, and at the same time tests your levels of patience. It's a mixture of laughs and tears, of long days and longer nights. It's the job that has no leave days, no sick days,… Continue reading Gross Things We’ve All Done: Thanks, Mamahood


Why you should keep a planner as a stay at home mama

As a stay at home mama, my life is anything but peaceful. Obviously. The days are long, busy and extremely noisy. There is always something going on. There is always something that needs to be done. There's school work, cleaning, cooking, playing, soothing, planning, worrying, screaming, crying - and then put all of this on… Continue reading Why you should keep a planner as a stay at home mama