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45 Things I Want to Teach My Sons

1. Find a hobby you're passionate about, and make time for it. Life is a busy playground and it's easy to lose yourself within its demands and responsibilities. 2. Don't be afraid to tell people you love them. There's no shame in expressing your feelings. 3.A little confidence goes a long way. And if you're… Continue reading 45 Things I Want to Teach My Sons

Random Thoughts

And He Turns Four!!! 

I would like to start off by wishing my Monster a super-duper happy birthday!! He is four years old today and I cannot begin to understand where time has gone. I mean, how could we have started at birth and endes up here.. Already??? This little guy took our world by storm and changed it… Continue reading And He Turns Four!!! 

Random Thoughts

Understanding a Parent’s Heart

There's a different understanding when it comes to a parents concern for their children. I truly believe that people who don't have children don't understand the intensity of stress parents go through. For people who don't have children, I believe they lie awake at night stressing about things concerning them directly. Parents lie awake, stressing… Continue reading Understanding a Parent’s Heart