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Welcome to Toddlerhood, Gremlin!

Dear Gremlin, Welcome to toddlerhood, my boy! I honestly can’t believe we’re already here. Two years old already? Ever since you were a little tiny human, your personality just shone through. The happy, almost always smiling red cheeked kiddo. The one that’s always trying to be funny and cute because you’ve figured out that that…… Continue reading Welcome to Toddlerhood, Gremlin!


The Worst Baby Advice I Have Received

As a first time mom, you’ve got no idea what is waiting for you when your baby finally enters the world. And from every side of the universe, you’re thrown with advice. Moms. Grandmoms. Aunts. Friends. You hear some of the advice and you think to yourself, “Is that even real?” and “Is this possible?”.…… Continue reading The Worst Baby Advice I Have Received