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Leaving home with a baby

There are so many fears and worries that accompany having a baby. For me, the only thing stuck in my head while I was pregnant was getting through the birthing process. I was absolutely terrified each time I gave birth because with all three of my kids, nothing went according to plan on the day… Continue reading Leaving home with a baby

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Nappy bag essentials: 0-6 months

I've had the experience of packing a nappy bag for three kids now, and each time, I either added something new or taken something away that I didn't need. With each kiddo, I've discovered new products on the market that have been an additional to my nappy bags and it turned out to be great… Continue reading Nappy bag essentials: 0-6 months

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Why I switched to a backpack nappy bag and never looked back

When I found out I was pregnant again, I knew life was going to get a lot more hectic. I mean, three kids ain't no joke... Five months into life prices that judging multiple kids is difficult, and joyful at the same time. While I was still carrying Cay, I looked for ways to make… Continue reading Why I switched to a backpack nappy bag and never looked back