Relationships and Marriage

When Your Firsts aren’t His

I was 19 when I met Hubby Byren, around the time he was about to turn 22. I had never been in a long-term relationship before, although I knew that he had been in one. As we dated and spent more time together, I got to do a lot of things that I hadn’t previously… Continue reading When Your Firsts aren’t His

Relationships and Marriage

Things I’ve Learned in Five Years of Marriage

Hubby Byren and I recently celebrated our five year anniversary with a romantic night away, from well, everything. In light of the celebration, I got to thinking how far we have come in this time (although we’ve been together for seven years in total). It’s been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride, I kid you… Continue reading Things I’ve Learned in Five Years of Marriage


16 Things to Love about Your Newborn

With Gremlin and Monster's birthdays around the corner, I found myself thinking about how much they have grown up again. I think about this often actually, but when birthdays are around the corner, it's just filled with so many more emotions.  Which usually takes me down memory lane where I go through every one of… Continue reading 16 Things to Love about Your Newborn

Relationships and Marriage

18 Ways to be an Awesome Wife

Kick me if I’m wrong, but women are MUCH needier than men. We need constant reminders and affirmations about how we look, what we’re doing and how we’re feeling. We can’t help it, it’s just how we’re programmed. What we sometimes forget, or maybe not even realise, men want these reminders as well. They might… Continue reading 18 Ways to be an Awesome Wife

Relationships and Marriage

Story Behind the Date Night Jar + Ideas For You

Everyone knows that date nights are an important factor when you're married.Especially when you have kids. As important as it is to be there for your kids, couples need time along without distractions to rekindle the romance, to spend undivided attention on each other and of course, to have fun. Hubby Byren and I used… Continue reading Story Behind the Date Night Jar + Ideas For You

Relationships and Marriage

10 Days of Remembering to Love

In our fast-moving and complicated world filled with over working, stress and, well, life, we sometimes forget to look past everything going on and appreciate each other in our marriage. That's pretty much for Hubby Byren and I started off our new year. With him working late hours and then spending three evenings a week… Continue reading 10 Days of Remembering to Love