Random Thoughts

Life Handed Me Lemons – I Took it as Wisdom

Every experience, regret and decision forms our lives. From all that we learn a few valuable lessons that we take with us until our dying day. Here are some lessons I've learned up until now:   Everything Comes with a Price: That’s life. No matter what you want, you can’t achieve it without putting a… Continue reading Life Handed Me Lemons – I Took it as Wisdom

Random Thoughts

Mr. Mama

Let's get some things straight up on the table. Right.. 1. Yes, I'm young. 2. Yes, I'm a Mama. 3. Don't tell me how to raise my child. I can't explain the amount of pissed off I feel when "older" parents try & teach me something they think I don't already know. Hello? Does it… Continue reading Mr. Mama