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Book Review | Trafficked by Sophie Hayes

Pages: 308 {Paperback} Published: January 2012 Rating: 8 out of 10 Review: Being a fan of real-life stories and events, I actually really enjoyed the book. The way Sophie explained her experience, about falling in love with the perfect guy and ending up working as a sex slave because of him made you feel like… Continue reading Book Review | Trafficked by Sophie Hayes

Random Thoughts

15 Books for 2016 {Nov Deadline}

So in light of my Birthday to Birthday To Do List, I'm going to be reading 15 books this year. I've decided to share the names of the books with you all and then of course, keep you updated with the progress. In no order of reading, here are the names and authors of the… Continue reading 15 Books for 2016 {Nov Deadline}