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{Recipe} No Eggs, No Milk Pancakes

I've found it strange how every time I want to make some pancakes for the family, I'm always either out of eggs or milk, but at most times both ingredients. Monster loves his two glasses of milk a day and we hardly ever use eggs so we never really buy them. So I thought, surely… Continue reading {Recipe} No Eggs, No Milk Pancakes

Random Thoughts

10 Awesome Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas {Part Two}

Before kids, it was easy getting around to having date nights. You didn't even need to plan it each time, just decide on the spot and off you were. Ah, the spontaneous days.. {Remember those?... Me neither.} Add kids to the equation: there is no time, everyone is tired, overload of chores waiting for you… Continue reading 10 Awesome Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas {Part Two}