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Ways to keep youself busy while breastfeeding

My breastfeeding journey with Cay was an amazing one. Although it was something I didn’t think I was going to be able to do, considering the fact that I completely failed with Monster. I almost made it to the one year mark as planned and started weaning her a few weeks before her first birthday. While… Continue reading Ways to keep youself busy while breastfeeding

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Tips on picking baby names

One of the most exciting parts of being pregnant is choosing a baby name. Choosing a name is a pretty big thing because it's something we keep for all our lives. Even though I don't share my kids' names on my blog, it's not strange for me to be writing this post. The process is… Continue reading Tips on picking baby names

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Reasons I’ve carried on breastfeeding

It only seems fair that after I posted my reasons for wanting to give up on breastfeeding, and saying right at the end that I'm not quitting that I would need to have a post for the opposite reasons. One thing I do need to mention is that I loved getting responses from other mamas… Continue reading Reasons I’ve carried on breastfeeding

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What I packed for our three day trip with the kids

So remember in September we had that sudden trip we took to Howick to attend Hubby Byren's late grandfather's funeral service. We originally planned on driving there but because we would only be staying for a few days, driving down would result in us all spending more time in the car than at our destination… Continue reading What I packed for our three day trip with the kids

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Reasons why I’ve wanted to stop breastfeeding

Yes, you read that title right! The one that has been repeatedly mentioning that she wants to breastfeed for a year is having second thoughts. Well, not really second thoughts, I'm still going to push for a year, but it doesn't mean there haven't been some moments where I've thought of stopping and switching to… Continue reading Reasons why I’ve wanted to stop breastfeeding

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Review: Naturals Beauty R&R Baby Range

Disclaimer: I received free products in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. When Monster and Gremlin were born, I wasn't too focused on natural baby products. In fact, I hardly saw any at the shops when I stocked up on baby things, except the usual mainstream products. Maybe I didn't look out… Continue reading Review: Naturals Beauty R&R Baby Range