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Currently: June 2017

Hello world! Yes, we’re all still alive and kicking even though I’ve been on radio silence for some time now! I’m hoping to turn it around now that I’ve (sort of) found a way to keep my head above the water and actually get some writing done. Will I be sticking to my old schedule?… Continue reading Currently: June 2017

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How to Cope with a Speech Delay

Coping with a speech delay in your child’s development can be a huge challenge. It’s hard when all your friends are telling you about their babies and toddlers talking and having conversations, but your own child is hardly saying any words. This is exactly the case with our Monster. He is already four years old… Continue reading How to Cope with a Speech Delay

Random Thoughts

L-L-Liebster Again? Yes Please – Liebster Award

The beautiful Tash at https://juiceinmywineglass.wordpress.com nominated me earlier this year for the Liebster Award and I'm finally getting around to the acceptance speech. Thank you very much! {This is the second Liebster Award acceptance but I'm still so happy! Awards mean progress and accomplishments!} 🙂 So here is how the Award works: Thank and link the… Continue reading L-L-Liebster Again? Yes Please – Liebster Award