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What I packed for our three day trip with the kids

So remember in September we had that sudden trip we took to Howick to attend Hubby Byren's late grandfather's funeral service. We originally planned on driving there but because we would only be staying for a few days, driving down would result in us all spending more time in the car than at our destination… Continue reading What I packed for our three day trip with the kids

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Nappy bag essentials: 0-6 months

I've had the experience of packing a nappy bag for three kids now, and each time, I either added something new or taken something away that I didn't need. With each kiddo, I've discovered new products on the market that have been an additional to my nappy bags and it turned out to be great… Continue reading Nappy bag essentials: 0-6 months

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What’s in My Baby’s Hospital Bag?

I'll be lying if I said that I could remember every single item I needed to pack into Cay's hospital bag. In fact, when I sat down to write down my list, I completely hit a blank.. Call it a brain fart or pregnancy brain... But I was clueless! I knew that I needed to… Continue reading What’s in My Baby’s Hospital Bag?