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Things that change when you have three kids

The next installment is finally here.. The three kids update post! Of course I had to first get a hand on what it would be like with three kids and what changes I could pick up on that would be different to life with two kids. So far, there have been good days and bad… Continue reading Things that change when you have three kids

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Make cooking fun with kids

I've been trying to get the boys as involved as possible with things at home. Besides the fact that they are responsible for keeping their room clean (a mission on its own) and tidying up their toys from almost each room in our home, there's a whole other list of chores they have to do… Continue reading Make cooking fun with kids

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Reasons I’ve carried on breastfeeding

It only seems fair that after I posted my reasons for wanting to give up on breastfeeding, and saying right at the end that I'm not quitting that I would need to have a post for the opposite reasons. One thing I do need to mention is that I loved getting responses from other mamas… Continue reading Reasons I’ve carried on breastfeeding

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What I packed for our three day trip with the kids

So remember in September we had that sudden trip we took to Howick to attend Hubby Byren's late grandfather's funeral service. We originally planned on driving there but because we would only be staying for a few days, driving down would result in us all spending more time in the car than at our destination… Continue reading What I packed for our three day trip with the kids

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 Why I love having a daughter

Guys, I know Cay has only been with us just over seven months now, but I just LOVE how quickly everyone (specifically the boys) have adjusted to having a baby at home again! Not only a baby, but a GIRL baby. Yep, that gets pointed out because the boys aren't use to having another female… Continue reading  Why I love having a daughter

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Reasons you should get dressed every day as a SAHM

When I was still a full-time working mama, getting dressed every day was a given. Every day I would wake up early, make sure I was ready before any of the kids woke up so there was less screaming and crying because they needed my full attention at certain stages of getting ready. There were… Continue reading Reasons you should get dressed every day as a SAHM

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Reasons why I’ve wanted to stop breastfeeding

Yes, you read that title right! The one that has been repeatedly mentioning that she wants to breastfeed for a year is having second thoughts. Well, not really second thoughts, I'm still going to push for a year, but it doesn't mean there haven't been some moments where I've thought of stopping and switching to… Continue reading Reasons why I’ve wanted to stop breastfeeding