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What to expect during your hospital stay

Congratulations, mama, on the birth of your baby or babies! If you're doing some quick reading while you're still at the hospital then you can keep reading because it will give you an idea of what to expect during the next few days before you head home. Expecting mamas, you're almost there! This article will… Continue reading What to expect during your hospital stay

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How to be sick when you can’t be sick

One of the cons of being a stay at home mama is getting sick. It's not like you can whisk your kids off quickly to a school for a couple of hours so you can properly medicate yourself and sleep as much as you can during the day to rest and get better. This is… Continue reading How to be sick when you can’t be sick

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Reasons I’ve carried on breastfeeding

It only seems fair that after I posted my reasons for wanting to give up on breastfeeding, and saying right at the end that I'm not quitting that I would need to have a post for the opposite reasons. One thing I do need to mention is that I loved getting responses from other mamas… Continue reading Reasons I’ve carried on breastfeeding

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What I packed for our three day trip with the kids

So remember in September we had that sudden trip we took to Howick to attend Hubby Byren's late grandfather's funeral service. We originally planned on driving there but because we would only be staying for a few days, driving down would result in us all spending more time in the car than at our destination… Continue reading What I packed for our three day trip with the kids

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 Why I love having a daughter

Guys, I know Cay has only been with us just over seven months now, but I just LOVE how quickly everyone (specifically the boys) have adjusted to having a baby at home again! Not only a baby, but a GIRL baby. Yep, that gets pointed out because the boys aren't use to having another female… Continue reading  Why I love having a daughter