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What to declutter before you move

What's the point of packing up things you don't need when moving to another home? I didn't think it's a big deal every time we moved to a new place. I always thought that I would just sort through the things while I was unpacking which would make it easier and give me more time.… Continue reading What to declutter before you move

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Decluttering your bookself

I love reading, guys! It's been a hobby of mine since childhood and I've always loved getting lost in a good book and letting my imagination run wild. I won't say I have a type of genre I prefer over others; whatever is interesting is good enough for me. What's not so good is that… Continue reading Decluttering your bookself

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Simple rules of decluttering 

This decluttering journey has been a little harder than I expected because finding the time to actually get around to it with three kids is a little complicated. Not impossible, just complicated. So a couple of weeks ago I set out on an adventure (who am I kidding calling it an adventure like its something… Continue reading Simple rules of decluttering