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Baby-proof your Christmas tree

It’s the most magical time of the year: when all those green, red and gold decorations come out, the flickering lights on the tree light up the room and Christmas crafts are in full swing. My boys remind me a couple of times throughout the year about Christmas and that we need to get the… Continue reading Baby-proof your Christmas tree

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Leaving home with a baby

There are so many fears and worries that accompany having a baby. For me, the only thing stuck in my head while I was pregnant was getting through the birthing process. I was absolutely terrified each time I gave birth because with all three of my kids, nothing went according to plan on the day… Continue reading Leaving home with a baby

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Ways to keep youself busy while breastfeeding

My breastfeeding journey with Cay was an amazing one. Although it was something I didn’t think I was going to be able to do, considering the fact that I completely failed with Monster. I almost made it to the one year mark as planned and started weaning her a few weeks before her first birthday. While… Continue reading Ways to keep youself busy while breastfeeding

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Signs of family-friendly restaurants 

Pre-kids era, Hubby Byren and I would decide to out for dinner at 20H00 and it wouldn't be an issue. Post-kids era, we try and work the time in around 17H00 so that there's enough time for eating and playing before the kids are overly tired and need to go to bed. Pre-kids era, we… Continue reading Signs of family-friendly restaurants 

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What to expect during your hospital stay

Congratulations, mama, on the birth of your baby or babies! If you're doing some quick reading while you're still at the hospital then you can keep reading because it will give you an idea of what to expect during the next few days before you head home. Expecting mamas, you're almost there! This article will… Continue reading What to expect during your hospital stay

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Reasons I’ve carried on breastfeeding

It only seems fair that after I posted my reasons for wanting to give up on breastfeeding, and saying right at the end that I'm not quitting that I would need to have a post for the opposite reasons. One thing I do need to mention is that I loved getting responses from other mamas… Continue reading Reasons I’ve carried on breastfeeding