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Then there are all the extra in-betweens.

I’m a 20 something-year-old.  I like anything with (lime) polka dots, but stripes are just as welcome! I was born in the former USSR (Moldova); my parents moved to South Africa in 1993 & I’ve planted my roots here. I have thought of moving back, but this is, undeniably, my home.

I’m a fairly random person & I have a problem with saying the right things at the wrong times. It keeps my life a little exciting.

I’m a new stay at home mom to two little boys, which turned me into a home school mama, and even though every day brings new challenges, it’s an exciting journey!

My blog is my way of keeping my head in the clouds, my dreams alive & my feet on the ground.

~The Better Half. ~1502574_1089187444426905_4863147335712023563_n

I’m married to an enthusiastic 30 year old, named Hubby Byren. We love to hate each other & vice versa (just a joke, of course). He coaches Rugby  & is sometimes a little geeky. Yet I still love him.




Chase_X-mas_19 (2)


This is my beautiful oldest son, nicknamed Monster. This little being hasn’t just changed my life, but also me as a person. I can’t imagine where I would be in life now if it wasn’t for him. There hasn’t been a day where I regretted having a baby so young in my life, (21 is pretty young).







My baby has been nicknamed as Gremlin, who joined our little family in June 2015.

He came a little earlier than what we had hoped to have kids again, but you know, best thing ever!

Seeing how much Monster loves and enjoys his baby brother every day is just a reassurance that everything happens at the right place, at the right time.


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  1. Heyyy…It’s really nice meeting you!
    I’m only two weeks old blogger, Glad i wandered off here.
    Your baby boy chase is too cute ❤
    Wish you good luck with your future. Best wishes 🙂

      1. Pleasure and same to you,
        YES this WP family is so welcoming and helpful 🙂

        P.S thanks for the follow, I’ll be lloking forward to your’s as well 🙂

  2. Dear Annie,
    I must say your site is a very enjoyable read. My fellow blogger, Arend van Nerel, whom I share a blog with, has been following your for a while now. On his advice, I decided to nominate you for a Liebster Award: http://randomnessessities.com/2013/10/29/im-a-beliebster-lester-beavers-acceptance-speech-for-his-liebster-award/ Congratulations! Whether you choose to accept this award is of course entirely up to you, but I felt you were at the very least deserving of the nomination.
    Kind regards

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