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Dear friend, you’re not alone

Dear friend, It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other face to face. It’s been a while since I’ve heard your laughter ring in my ears that’s not over a phone call or a voice note. It’s been a while since we’ve hugged. We’re living in a strange time; a time we don’t know how to process entirely. A time no one prepared for: emotionally, mentally, physically and financially. You’re cooped up, and some days those walls feel like they’re closing in and it’s a little harder to breathe. You feel like whatever plans you put out for the day fail before the day has even begun. Maybe you had a bad night of sleep because your mind can’t switch your thoughts off, with stress never having an off switch. Maybe the kids have been fighting all the time and you wish for just a moment of quiet.  The emotional rollestercoaster never stops. The lockdown extension, while necessary, helps in no way to do any of that. More time isolated. More time staring at the walls. More time stressing about a light in the tunnel that isn’t in sight. I don’t know what to say to you right now: to ease the anxiety and the fears that are gripping at your heart and mind. It’s an uncertain time for us all and we’re all looking for ways to cope, understand and work through this. 
I want to let you know that just because there is distance between us, I still see you. I see your worries, your sad smiles, your tears. I see your mind wandering to those dark places of an uncertain future.  I see you because I see myself in the same way. I feel the same. Whenever you feel like the walls are closing in, send me a text. Whenever you feel the tears are burning in your eyes, call me. When you just need to vent, I’m here. Throughout all this, remember you’re not alone.  I’m here, just at a distance. I’m a text away. I’m a call away. I’m here. Past all this anxiety and fear, we’ll get to a place where our new normal will be different to what we have known before.  We will learn to adjust to that as we’re learning to adjust to this. There might be new challenges to face, to conquer; and we’ll face them in dark and light when we need to.  When that time comes, I’ll be there too. By then, we’ll hopefully be allowed to leave our homes and move around (with caution, of course) and see each other again. Whether a coffee date, or a few hours designated to wine drinking; we’ll have our moments again to build on our memories. Until then, we’ll keep in touch from afar. Love, Annie

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