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Currently: February 2020

Hello lovelies!

Can we all say “Whoop whoop” about JanuWORRY finally being over? I swear, it’s the month that seems to have no end.

We survived though!

January was such a busy month, that I feel like I still need to take a couple of breaths to get over the craze.

As all parents of school going kids, we survived the first day of school, and the first month.

Something I wasn’t prepared for was the amount of homework Grade One’s get. I expected homework, but I didn’t quite get my head wrapped around the amount of it. Especially when we already had homework on the first day of school. That knocked our daily routine off its hinges a little.

Luckily as the time has gone on, Monster started climatizing to the idea that homework is now part of our daily lives and fighting against is futile.

He has settled into the new year quite well although he did try to escape from the school grounds one morning by following me to the car because he didn’t want me to leave. It didn’t help that that same afternoon, he and his friend didn’t wait for us at the designated area, and sent our mama hearts racing into panic.

Just the next night, Gremlin decided to walk off to find me at the Athletics event at school, and again panic set in. I found him playing on the jungle gyms with Monster, and having the time of his life.

Little can be said about the state of my sanity that week.

It’s the same week that Hubby Byren was away on his business trip in Germany so I was juggling life this side with as much grace as possible.

Looking at the bigger picture, everything went quite well with the kids and I spending the week alone. Apart from my kids disappearing on me and causing minor headaches.

The Athletics event was a pretty fun night, because 1) it was great to leave home for a reason that wasn’t an errand; 2) I got to hang out with my mama bud, Heidi and 3) we got to cheer our kids on! And boy, did we cheer!

Monster had to run with the Grade Two’s a few days prior because of his age but didn’t make team. He still had to participate with his class group so he ran with the other kids turning eight this year. Although he came third in the race, it wasn’t counted as it was just a fun race for the kids to have.

The next evening we had the Grade One Info evening, and while it was quite insightful, I wanted nothing more than to be at home, with my kids in bed, and me lounging in front of the TV with a coffee in my hand.

The back-to-back school events took a toll on all of us because of the drastic changes in routine.

Last week, Hubby Byren returned home sick as a dog. I’m talking about him passing out from fevers and forgetting conversations we had. Not even a day later, Monster spiked a fever as well and it was off to the Doc the Monday morning.

I’m not going to lie, the whole Coronavirus story ran through my head a couple of times when I read that there was a suspected case in France, and Hubby Byren flew transit there.

Luckily, he had Bronchitis (luckily, because it could’ve been worse) and Monster just had a really bad cold. Both were booked off for a couple of days with strong meds and told to rest as much as possible.

Not even a day later, Cay spiked a high fever as well and it was bye-bye sleep from there for me. It took three long days for the fevers to finally break, and although Monster seemed better, he still had a cough so without taking a chance, I kept him home another day. He missed the choir audition unfortunately, but the choir teacher said that he can pop in today to try out.

On top of that, I woke up with a sore throat as well and have been keeping it from getting worse as much as possible! That’s all I’ll need… Getting sick with a house full of busy kids.

February is looking to be a quiet month so far, but as we all know, things spring up when you least expect them to and then the craze sets in.

We have a school event early tomorrow morning, where all the Grade One’s walk through a ‘gate’ and shake the Headmaster’s hand. It’s a tradition the school has, and it’s repeated when the kids are ending their Grade Seven year.

How did your January go? Anything interesting happening in February?

2 thoughts on “Currently: February 2020

  1. Sounds hectic! So sorry you had to battle all the illnesses! And losing kids!!
    Nicky also started Grade 1 and he is doing well I am dropping him off in the mornings and my mom is picking him up. I don’t thing the homework is that bad through. Just cut out 5 things starting with c etc. and count to 10. Very easy for him.

    1. Wow, he’s lucky then. Monster has reading, letters of the week (2), number of the week, sight words of the week, extra addition practice homework, LO activities and we just got told there’s an additional reading book being sent home 🤷🏻‍♀️

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