Word of the Year 2020

I’m finally getting around to sharing this post, even if we’re already halfway through January. It’s all good though – as long as it’s done IN January, you’re in the clear.

I’ve never been good with New Year’s Resolutions. Within the first few weeks, I’d start forgetting about half of them, and by mid-year, I’d have forgotten I ever set them up, and on the year would go with minimum personal achievements.

So after getting frustrated multiple times with myself, with only myself to blame, I went in search of finding a way to have goals without overcomplicating things and giving up on them.

That’s where the Word of the Year concept came into my view and I was amazed by how beneficial it actually was.

You see, by choosing a single word (some people choose a phrase), all your goals fall under that word/phrase so you’re able to direct all attention to what you need to work on. You can apply that word to every single aspect of your life, because it’s just THAT diverse.

Last year I chose the word ‘Growth’, and surprisingly, most of the points that I set up that I thought needed the word the most didn’t actually need it. The aspects around the growth that I started reflecting on came from a much deeper level, revolving around the people in my life, the relationships I have with them, my marriage, my kids and lastly, myself. The lessons that I accumulated last year through different experiences paved the road to my word chosen for this year.


By taking the lessons that I learned in 2019, and changing my focus to who and what matters the most, I can adjust my priorities and give all the necessary attention to improving the different aspects of my life that deserve and need it.

My kids. My marriage. My relationships. Me.

My kids
Spend more time with them, less screen-time and more outdoors time, plan for their future.

My marriage
Work on my flaws, create opportunities to spend more time together with limited distractions, work together towards our goals.

My relationships
Sift through the relationships that bring my family and I no positive influence, cut out toxic people and situations, give time to chose that give as well as take to enrich our lives.

Figure out where I want my life to go; work on improving my weakness and build on my strengths, take time to rediscover myself, take time to do what I love.

So how does one go about choosing a Word of the Year? With so many options out there, it can feel overwhelming pin-pointing one and deciding that that’s the one you’re going with. Sometimes you might be stuck between two words, as I was this year: Passion and Focus. I had to think about which one of the two I needed most in my life for the new year. Which one to help me with growing, changing and becoming a better me.

The word you don’t end up choosing can always be saved for the following year.

Have you been wondering what your word of the year should be? Here’s how to choose one: 

  • Look back at the year that you had, what do you want to change this year?
  • Is there something not going well in your life? How can you improve it?
  • What do you want to do more of? What do you want to do less of?

If you haven’t chosen a Word of the Year yet, it’s not too late. If you’re stuck on ideas and just need a little nudge in a direction, you can look at the list of ideas I put together with last year’s post to help you along.

Do you have a word for 2020? Let me know in the comments.

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