Currently: December 2019

Hello, lovely people!

We’re in the last month of 2019, and I’m honestly excited to wave goodbye to this year.

While we had some great moments, this year holds so many bad ones. Too many. In some sense, it feels like the bad outweigh the good ones, even though we had plenty groundbreaking ones.

I’ll go into more detail in a review post I’ll do towards the end of the year, talking about what this year has taught me. And has it! This year brought on lots of lessons, and I’ll shared them with you when I reflect back on our year.

As many of you know, I celebrated my birthday in the beginning of November and I’ve entered my last year of my 20s. It’s been a couple of weeks since, but I still have a thought stuck in my head about it: I’m turning 30 next year, which means a month, or few, before then, my mind will fall into endless thinking about life. Achievements, accomplishments, etc.

I’ll be forced (by myself) to put myself on a stand and go through those questions, and either feel content or empty with the answers I’ll give.

So I want to do the new year a little differently, which I’ll chat about in the next Currently post in January and see what I’ll be doing to minimize the ‘regret‘ list I have.

I’m reconsidering doing New Year’s Resolutions or Word of the Year again, because if there’s anything I’ve learned is that I suck at both. However, with that being said, the word that I chose for 2019 had an impact on some aspects of my life, aspects I didn’t expect needed changes BUT I’m very glad it happened. Again, more in the post at the end of the month.

Last month was a big month for Monster who had his Grade R Graduation, and although you know you’re going to be emotional that day, no amount of preparation changes that.

It was such a big moment for all the kiddies that day and it was amazing to think about all of them wearing their tiny uniforms next year. We went for a fitting last week and I was THIS close to crying. I didn’t though, I’m saving it for the first day where I’ll probably need a couple of hours to calm down again.

A day or two after graduation day, he received a personal invitation to audition for the junior choir because they felt he has potential and would fit in well in the group. I was over the moon when I saw it. Like, finally something that interested me as a kid, my kid likes. He never liked singing or learning nursery rhymes when he was younger. Now he can memorize songs faster than you know, and spends most of his day at home singing.

He’s always had a passion for sports, which he gets from Hubby Byren, so seeing the invitation made me pretty happy as I was part of the choir in primary school, and it feels like he’s taking an interest in something I enjoyed as well.

Of course, school is out on Wednesday and I’m so excited for this specifically because I really hope my kids, all of them, will sleep in for a change because goodness knows, this mamma can do with the extra snoozing.

I’ve created a little holiday program for the kids, not all of it surrounding the Christmas theme but also some summer fun ideas to keep them busy and having a little structured fun before unleashing them to do their own thing.

Hubby Byren travelled twice this month again, this time all local luckily so we were able to stay in touch a bit more than when he goes overseas. He managed to change his dates around to stay the week of my birthday then was informed that he needed to travel overseas during the week of the graduation, yet luckily never went. I want to say that I’ve started getting use to him traveling, but I’ll be lying.

It never gets easier, the same challenges are always there with the kids, and when when people ask me, “How do you do it?”, my response is almost always, “you just do”.

He was away this year about 10 times and next year might hold a double amount of traveling. I’ve managed to adapt, yet at the same time, the feelings of sadness always creep up closer to his departure dates and feelings of relief when he is back home. Sometimes the trips are two or three days notice and then it’s a rush to get everything ready and prepare the kids and so forth.

Again, it never gets easier, but I’ve found ways to cope with his traveling and surviving being alone with three kids.

This year though, with all the time we’ve missed out on, we’re going to make up for it as a family as Hubby Byren is on leave for three weeks. I don’t know how we’re going to survive because three weeks is a pretty long time and I hope I won’t be wishing back to school and work time on.

I finally dusted off our Christmas tree, and the kids and I decorated it. Well, it took us two hours to finish it, with it being so big as well as, you know, kids.

Monster was excited in the beginning, helped a little then decided he was over it and disappeared into the cave in our yard. So it was up to Gremlin, Cay and I to complete the task. Yes, the task – it’s not easy to decorate a tree, especially when kids are doing it and your patience is put under pressure, because half of your brain is screaming perfection and the other is saying let them have fun.

It was Cay’s first time helping with the decorating. She actually managed to hang up a couple of decorations which was pretty impressive, instead of trying to sneak them away and chew on them like last Christmas.

We’re not that big on Christmas traditions, but this is one we’ve been sticking to. Ever since we started having Christmas at home with us and the kids, we gradually allowed the kids to help with the tree and it just became a thing over the last few years.

Do you let your kids decorate your Christmas tree? How does it go?

The kids actually did a pretty good job so I didn’t need to worry about redecorating once all the kids were all in bed as I usually do each year. So I’d say, it was an overall success.

The festive season is a quiet one in our home. We don’t go all out with decorations, food and people. With the craze of the year, we keep this time simple because we actually want to relax. We don’t go anywhere on vacation, because it’s just way too hectic out there this time of the year and we’re trying to get AWAY from all that.

I’m good with this. While one craze ends, the year passed that is, and another craze peeping around the corner, we try to use this time to enjoy the calm, the quiet.

How do you usually do your festive season?

I hope everyone has a calm month ahead as we wind down and settle into the holidays.