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Currently: October 2019

Good morning, lovely people!

We’re in the last three months of the year, only 84 days left until Christmas!

Last month I passed by a shop with a couple of Christmas banners and it confused the hell out of me as I thought I was living in the wrong month, and somehow skipped a few along the way.

September was an eventful month!

Monster finished his first school term and got an average of 77%. So proud of that kiddo for working hard every day. The few things that he struggled with are related to speech but we’re working every day on improving it.

He’s also starting next week with a new speech therapist and he’s not very good with change (although has gotten better at adapting over the last year) so I’m hoping this transition will be smooth. He’ll be seeing the speech therapist at school, during school time, which helps which the rushing around in the afternoons.

We were home during the holidays, which were so short, they felt like an extra long weekend. The first part of the week we all spent together at home, and mid-week Hubby Byren headed off to Kigali, Rwanda on a last minute business trip. Again, super jealous that he gets to travel and see different parts of the world.

He’s traveling again this month, and possibly for a longer period of time so I’m kind of mentally preparing myself for the time I’m with the kids again, juggling every aspect on my own.

Last weeks trip took a toll on Cay quite a bit. She cried constantly for her Dadda, waking at all hours of the night and calling out to him. The days weren’t easier as she clung onto me while crying for him. The boys are better now, as they have an understanding of what is happening so they just count down the days to his return. It might still be a while before she’s on the same level.

Sometime in September, Cay misplaced three dummies in the house. THREE! So when nap time came around, I couldn’t find any of them to soothe her to fall asleep. It took an hour of screaming for her to finally settle down and nap. When it came to bedtime, we still hadn’t found any of them and we repeated the same process until she fell asleep.

24 hours later, still no dummies. After a bit of crying, she fell asleep both times without one. On the third day, she found all of them (like how???) but I refused that she used them as we already kind of started the weaning process and I didn’t want to lose the progress we had already made.

It doesn’t sound like progress when you look at all the screaming and crying, but it became less as the days went on. It’s been a week now, and she doesn’t even ask for them anymore!

So yes, I’d say it’s a huge step to success.

The next part is the co-sleeping that needs to be taken care of. She’ll sleep in her tent bed for about an hour or two and then come looking for me to sleep in our bed.

I don’t mind the cuddles and all, I love them, but I need my bed space back. I taught the boys from an early age to sleep independently in their own beds, and I don’t know why I didn’t follow through with it with Cay. Maybe I’m just not ready to deal with less sleep and crying during the night. Maybe I’m just soaking it up as it’s my last baby.

I don’t have an answer. I just know I’m starting with the sleep training this month, and I’m already dreading it!

The month has finally arrived for the school concert, and Monster plainly refuses to tell me what they’re planning. I only know which song they’ll be performing and that’s where the conversation ends.

He complained every day during the holidays that he wants to go back to school, and while I’m happy about his enthusiasm, I’m hoping it will still be this lively as he grows and school life gets harder.

Hubby Byren’s dad is here from Cape Town on business and staying with us. Which is great for the kids as they get to spend time with him as they don’t get to see him often with them living so far away.

I’m hoping to be a little more active on my blog this month and onwards. Most of the time, it takes the backseat to everything happening in our lives and as much as I want to give it my full attention, I’m not always in the position to do so. I’m also getting a new logo for the blog soon, as it really needs an update and hopefully it won’t change again soon, just as the kids grow.

I hope everyone has a great October, as we had into the last stretch of 2019.

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