Currently: September 2019

Hello everyone, and hello Spring!

I can’t tell you how excited I am for warmer days and nights. Ironically, I was born in a country with cold Winters but I’m not built for cold weather at all. It makes me miserable to constantly feel a chill no matter how many layers of clothing I put on. Also the sun setting earlier.. Another part of Winter I’m not a fan of.

So you can imagine how much I loved being in Europe because it was the end of Summer there, and hot days and warm nights made my heart happy! I did manage to catch a cold in the first few days because of the sudden season changes but that didn’t last long luckily.

A week before the end of August, I was back in South Africa after my almost three week stay in Moldova. In all honesty, when I got home from my trip, it didn’t actually feel like I went anywhere because life just went on again. The little bit of rest I had that side seemed to just melt away as if I came in running.

I got home to sick kids and stuff to be done, and honestly, it felt like I had been home all along.

Still, the trip was a success and I managed to do everything I planned on doing when I was there.

One of the main reasons I had to go on such short notice was because my passport was about to expire and as we don’t have an embassy here, nor is there a South African one in Moldova, I would have trouble getting back into the country at any point afterwards without any valid documentation. It’s possible to do it, but oh, is it a headache!

The second reason was to get the kids’ dual citizenship. That was a pretty tricky process because you can’t just bring the documents you have to the Home Affairs there and be done with it. Nope, all the documents have to be Apostilled first to show that they aren’t fraudulent and were legitimately issued and blah blah blah. The stress levels on this part were so high as these were delayed by the lawyers and then the couriers, and had there been a mistake on any of the letters, there wouldn’t have been enough time to fix it before my flight.

Before the citizenship could be done, I had to first change my marriage status as well as register that I have kids, because the last time I was there, I was single and childless, and all these details needed to be added to the system in order for me to receive my new documents.

As I still have citizenship in Moldova, the kids automatically got citizenship as well with no hassles, and it was free because there I’m considered as a mama of many (is it fair to say we count as a ‘large family??) So that was a relief because you save a little over the already huge sum of money you’re laying down to get everything else done.

We had to do a rush order on my passport because the status changes took longer than we had hoped and there was a day where no public transport was available and no taxis to call as everything was booked up. We lost a whole day to do the process normally.

I can’t tell you what the sense of relief was like washing over me when I held my passport in my hand, ready. Stress is such a crap feeling – of course I was stressed, no passport meant missing my flight and all kinds of negative effects would’ve followed on that should that have been the case.

But all went well and everything I set out to do, I did! The time I wasn’t spending at the Home Affairs, I was trying to squeeze in with visiting relatives, going site seeing, eating a lot of delicious food and spending a lot of time at the markets. It was so awesome to catch up with family still living there. I saw my dad for the first time in 10 years and it was so great to be able to catch up after all that time.

I wished I could’ve stayed a little longer because the time I was there for doesn’t make up for the 10 years I wasn’t.

I’ll share a few travel posts in the coming weeks about my trip, and some tips I have from it.

Right now, let’s focus on September!

Guys, there’s really not much happening this month… I’ll be honest, usually everything starts happening AFTER I publish the ‘Currently‘ posts and then I’m just sitting here, thinking ‘Are you freaken kidding me??

Monster has started practising for the school concert, which I’m super excited about because he loves singing and dancing, so I know it will be something he enjoys! All I’m a little worried about is possible stage fright because the last time he had a school concert, it was in front of a crowd with less than 30 people. This time it’s a lot more! The concert is in October so still a month and a half to go but I’m already bubbling with excitement about it.

He’s still pretty excited about going to school every morning. Right before bedtime, he’ll mention that he isn’t going back to school yet the next morning he’s flying out of the door to get there.

He’s also made a couple of friends in his class, and there has been a morning that Hubby Byren told me about: a kid making his way from the other side of the playground to come and greet Monster when they got to school.

Every time I pick him up after school, he’s saying goodbye to his classmates or vise versa on our way out. So that’s great news because for the first while he was a loner, wandering around at break alone because he was the new kid.

Cay is clingy. I mean… Worse than before. I mean, if she loses sight of me, she loses her mind. She constantly has to be in same space as me, and that space is my lap if she catches me sitting down for a moment to do something. She calms down a little once Hubby Byren is home as he’s a good distraction and keeps her occupied. Yet not long after, I’ll hear her wandering the corridors, calling out for me.

She’s also waking a lot more than before I left so we’re both not getting much sleep during the night, although she catches it all up during her day naps. The envy is real in me, guys!

Gremlin is in a sort of limbo state right now. As in not a lot is happening right now in his life. Besides now being the ‘older‘ kid at home now that Monster is at school. He’s been acting out a lot daily and I feel like maybe he feels left out in some sense?

There’s always something happening with Monster, something happening with Cay, and Gremlin is just…there..

Is this the whole ‘middle child‘ thing that people always talk about? I try to include him in as many things a possible so he doesn’t feel left out and make a big deal out of even the smallest things that happen to him.

As I said, most things start happening later in the month that I write about so I’ll leave it with the above.

Happy Spring, everyone!

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