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Ways to keep youself busy while breastfeeding

My breastfeeding journey with Cay was an amazing one. Although it was something I didn’t think I was going to be able to do, considering the fact that I completely failed with Monster. I almost made it to the one year mark as planned and started weaning her a few weeks before her first birthday.

While I enjoyed most of the journey, not the struggles with latching or refusing to drink parts, sometimes, it could be boring-ish.

Sometimes the sessions were quick, 10 minutes of drinking and she was good to go again. During those times there wasn’t much to be done except wait for the rapid swallowing sounds to subside to know the drinking had to an end.

Other times, it was a good 30 minutes session, where I’d be vegged on the couch/rocking chair/bed, waiting for her to finish ‘snack’ time and possibly decide to continue on the other side. Those 30 minutes always seemed like time I could’ve used for something. I mean, what can you actually do while you’re breastfeeding your baby, right?


Being productive while breastfeeding isn’t an issue, if you know what you can do.

At most times, it’s the only time I had ‘me-time’, aka doing something I liked while Cay breastfed. I even used some of these ideas to keep myself awake during those long night feeds. You know those, where you’re awake every 2-3 hours to feed your baby, and by the time he/she has finally latched on, minus the fussing, you’re starting to doze off (because the last time you remember staying up at 2am was during your party years and now you can’t keep your eyes open past 9pm).

I’ve put together a list of things I’ve done to keep busy while I breastfeed to pass the time as well as do things that I otherwise wouldn’t have time for.

Play games on your phone

Does anyone still play Candy Rush? You can try beating your score while your baby nurses!

Do a puzzle

Whether it’s a word search, crosswords or sudoku, it’s a great time to use to complete any of those puzzles you’ve been putting off. The first couple of weeks, I used puzzles to keep myself awake during Cay’s night feeds.

Do your online shopping

No better time to fill up your shopping cart with the groceries your house desperately needs (because lack of sleep and mama brain don’t make a good combination).

Or you could window shop on all those clothing stores! Who says you can’t fill up your wishlist?

Trim baby nails

All my kids were the calmest during nursing times (although Gremlin was bottle-fed, it was the only time he was calm as well) so I used the opportunity to take of their nails.


Respond to those Facebook comments, upload the newest photos of your baby and chat to a few friends. It might be the only time in the day that you get.


Everyone is eating, so should you! Breastfeeding takes a big toll on your body and you need maintain a good diet!


Water, water, water. As breastmilk is mostly made up of water, you need it to produce as well as hydrate.


Why waste the milk on the other side? Pump it out and save it for other uses.

Clean your phone

Phone out of storage? Use the time to clean it up a bit.

Check your emails

Respond to your emails while you wait and see that you don’t miss anything important.


Haven’t had much to get to reading lately? Catch up every day with two or three pages during the feeding times.

Watch series

You might not have time to finish a movie but a quick episode of your favorite series? Why not!

Talk/sing to your baby

This is an obvious one. Bonding is strongest with this one!

Spend time with your older kids

If you have older kids, you’ll know how little attention they’ve been getting compared to when your bump was still present. Read to them, talk to them, play a board game.


Whether you’re a blogger or just filling in a gratitude journal, use the time to write. Even if you’re writing down feelings and emotions you’ve been feeling, it’s a great time to use to get them on paper.

Make/mark off to-do lists

Whether you’re home on maternity leave or a stay at home mama, you know how important a planner is. And if you don’t, here’s why you need one! Use the time to plan your day/week and mark off what you’ve already completed (every little tick counts, mama!)

Do nothing

Then again, you don’t need to do ANYTHING but relax. Because breastfeeding takes a lot out of you. No to mention everything else that needs attention.

So sit back, relax and collect your energy! You deserve it, mama!

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