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Tips on picking baby names

One of the most exciting parts of being pregnant is choosing a baby name.

Choosing a name is a pretty big thing because it’s something we keep for all our lives.

Even though I don’t share my kids’ names on my blog, it’s not strange for me to be writing this post. The process is the same for everyone.

I want to share a little secret with you all. I’m not responsible for choosing my kids’ names. I just had the final ‘yay‘ on them. That was where most of my input lay. Hubby Byren chose all three of our kids’ names. 

I’ve never spent any time wondering what to call my kids one day. In all honesty, I was never one of those girls who had my future planned out that way – marriage, then kids. Obviously that’s not the way it happened but it still didn’t make me think of baby names down the road. That thought only kicked in after I fell pregnant with Monster.

Choosing the perfect name for your baby is exciting, and hard because there are SO many choices out there.

How do you choose one you like out of all of them?

How sure are you it’s the right one?

I can’t give you those answers because  it’s a personal experience. You will know when the right one comes along – you will feel it.

What I can help you with is tips with finding names and tips on what to look for in one.

Where do you start?

It’s obviously easy if you’ve already chosen names long before you conceived and this isn’t something you need to wry about. But if you haven’t and have no clue where to start: read on!

Remember that it’s a decision that both you and your husband need to make together, unless you have other arrangements. It’s also a great way to include your husband in your pregnancy and your baby’s life.

Luckily, there is no rush to choose a name! You only really need to have a name when your baby is born when you’re busy with registration so you have plenty of time to chose that perfect name.

Where to look for baby names:

Baby name books

There are so many books out there to choose from and so many choices for names. We used the same book to find all three kids’ names. It’s very old, extremely outdated but Hubby Byren found the most perfect names for our kids in it. When looking at purchasing a baby name book and you’re looking for more modern names, try and find more recent  publications. Older editions and books will have more traditional names.

Popular baby name lists

If you google baby names, you’ll be busy clicking through a lot of websites that will provide many lists of names for you to choose from. If you’re looking for popular names, you’ll find lists with names that have been rated per year based of the usage. So if you’re on the lookout for popularity, that’s where you’ll find the names.

Family names

This is the easiest way. Family names. Maybe you have an aunt you looked up to. Maybe your grandad asked for a namesake. Whichever reason you have, family names are the easiest choices because you already have a name and you have the reason, and that’s the whole ‘process‘ complete.

Tips on how to pick baby names:

Narrow list to two or three names

Don’t overwhelm yourself by choosing many names. The more names you’re going to add to your list, the harder you’ll find it to mark them off. Choose a maximum of five names for each gender and mark off as you get closer to choosing the one.

If you’re only finding out the gender of your baby on the day of the birth, go for unisex names that you will be happy with. If you don’t want a unisex name, choose one boy and one girl name, and you have choices for the day your baby is born.

Name meanings

It’s a personal choice if you look at name meanings or not. I know for some, name meanings aren’t important. As long as the name sounds good, they’re happy. For us, it was about both a good name as well as a strong meaning. When Hubby Byren was looking for names, I would call out names that I liked, but when we looked up the meanings, none of them lived up to being inspirational or powerful. After all, your name is something you have for the rest of your life. 

Goes with surname

Try looking for names that have a great ring with your surname. The more ‘out-of-tune‘ it sounds, the more it stand out to any jokes.

First and middle name sound good

If you’re going for a middle name, again, make sure it sounds good with the first name and surname, because above point.

Check if initials spell anything

Check that the initial don’t spell anything out that might make people make fun of them. 

Possible nicknames

People can come up with strangest nicknames for names. Play around with the names to see if you come up with any yourself to see if there are possibilities.

Consider siblings

If it isn’t your first baby, check if the names don’t sound too similar because people might mix the names around. Although, you will get to a stage where you mix them up yourself. Still, it’s something to think about.

Last thoughts:

Don’t share until ready

When you’re absolutely sure about a name, announce it. If you keep announcing names, it might confuse people and they might miss the one you choose officially. Keep it quiet until you’re sure to make life simpler without any possible future explanations/corrections.

Ignore the critic

Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to not have anyone second-guess your name choice. After all, it’s your decision at the end the day. But if you do have anyone judging your choice/s, the best thing to do is ignore them. Just because they don’t like the name you choose, doesn’t mean you need to change it. Whether they like it or not, should have no impact on what name you choose. So don’t feel pressured to change it if someone has an opinion.

How did you choose your baby’s name? Any tips for parents looking for baby names?

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