Currently: February 2019

Hello everyone!

I’m back from one of my usual disappearing acts. 

January or Janu-WORRY, as we all know it, hit us. It hit us hard!

So many things happened… Which brought a lot of emotions into our lives: mostly anger, frustration and all the feels of negatively you can think of.

Hubby Byren has been having some symptoms for a while now (constant headaches, no energy even after getting enough sleep, blood pressure spikes) so we scheduled his yearly check-up at the GP. He was sent for blood tests the next day to test his iron, cholesterol and glucose levels. Two days later the Doctor called him in and gave him the results. 

He was diagnosed with hemochromatosis and insulin resistance. If he doesn’t lose weight drastically, he will get Type 2 Diabetes due to the IR. Which meant a whole lifestyle change. I’ve mentioned before that we’re following the Keto diet. Now we were only following it on an 70-80% scale. We have cut out most carbs and sugar, but for him to lose weight, we have to switch to full Keto. It kind of sucks because when you see how much yummy food you need to cut out, you feel like crying. But it’s all for a good cause, for Hubby Byren’s health.

Now the thing with going full Keto is the expenses go up. Special milk, special oils, special flours, special cheeses. Guys, I’ve never walked through the healthy food sections before so imagine how my jaw dropped when I did and I saw how much everything we need to use costs. I get it, it’s a specific market, but damn, living healthy is expensive. Our weekly grocery budget has doubled since the switch and I’m going to have to find a way to cut costs without cutting on the diet.

So the same day that Hubby Byren received the news, on his way back to the office from a meeting, someone skipped a traffic light and drove into him and two other cars. Our car is pretty much a write off and we’re still in the processor getting another one. Up until then, we’re using Uber to get around, which is a cheap service when you don’t need to use it everyday single day TWICE!

Then there were a couple of other incidents that occurred that I won’t get into now that just put the cherry on top of the already problem layered cake.

January was just a shit month. Clearly.

You know that feeling your life is on track and you’re at peace and then things just start falling apart, one thing after another? And you don’t know which way to turn because it feels like you’re starting up again from the bottom? That’s been the atmosphere in our home for the last couple of weeks. That’s also one of the reasons I’ve disappeared again because my mind was just not on my writing, because it was clouded with worries.

I’m hoping February will go better and things will start turning around. Although there was the incident where my phone fell and my whole screen cracked, so I’ve got that ‘going’ for me currently. Still, it could’ve been worse. At least my phone still works, right?

February doesn’t see anything exciting happening for us (just a major turn around of events hopefully). It’s the month of love but is Valentine’s Day really a thing with kids? We haven’t done anything really since we’ve had kids except have a semi-date night at home so that’s the plan this year again. Last Christmas, instead of buying lots of gifts again, we used the money to buy board games so we can spend time together without having to watch TV all the time. So I think that might be the plan for the 14th this year. 

What else is news this side? Cay is using anything she can to walk against to hold herself up to walk. At this rate, I’m pretty sure she’ll be walking by her birthday which is next month. Like, can you even think she’s already turning one?  She’s also finally getting teeth so all the crying isn’t for nothing now. Her two bottom teeth are coming out simultaneously which is okay in some sense, because it’s quicker and the crying will be less if they all pop out together. 

Homeschool is going well. Monster is really enjoying the curriculum and is eager to learn. There are still multiple distractions from Gremlin whose attention span is short and he wants to ask 1000 questions during school time which Monster wants to answer. Then there’s Cay who pulls everything off the table and then tries to nibble on their ankles as she crawls around under the table. So yes, it’s a hectic time to try keep everyone focused and actually learning what they are suppose to. But we get through it every day. 

How is your outlook on February looking?

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