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Word of the year and 2019 goals

The last time I set up any goals for myself was three years ago.

Mainly because a couple of weeks into a new year, I would drop out with following through on them. So I decided to stop setting up goals and just wing it as the year goes on because somewhere along the line, there would be something that requires my focus and I can work on it.

However, that backfired as well because it caused me to jump around more than actually complete anything which caused lack of motivation and the feels of failure looming over my head.

Last year I think my main focus was just to survive the year. It was a hectic year. Cay’s birth, Hubby Byren travelling away from home three times, sick kids, Gremlin having surgery after a dog bit him, the death of a family member, unplanned travelling. All this in between our daily lives and routines. I didn’t think about any goals (maybe one: getting through to the other side) nor did I have any thoughts about things I’d like to improve on in my life.

At the end of the year, while doing some self-reflecting, I realized how much ‘damage‘ I’m actually creating by not focusing on important aspects in my life. One being looking after myself.

I’m talking physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

It left me wondering how much I’ve stunted my self-development by not even giving each one of those categories the smallest amount of attention and what I’ve been losing by doing so.

So this year I set out to create goals for myself. While we have our goals as a family and we know where we are heading with them, I needed to set some up for myself as an individual as well.

I’ve never had a word of the year before, and usually looked back at the year we’ve had and then chose a word that was most fitting. Which is a stupid way to do it because the root of your word is your focus for the year ahead, not just your end result.

So looking at what I need to accomplish, I chose the word growth as my word of the year. Which fits perfectly in with my goals for the year as the word can be applied to all of them.

These are the goals I’ve set up for myself for 2019, and by working o them, I will achieve the growth that I’m aiming for in my life.

There is no ‘one is more important than the other’ structure and I’ll set out to achieve them all by applying the same focus and energy.

#1 Self-care

I’ve been skipping on this A LOT! Instead of putting out some time for myself at least once a week, I skip out to do something else because I think that that task requires more of my attention. I forget that I too need attention, whether it’s taking a bubble bath, or drawing or journaling. I need to remind myself because self-love will boost me emotionally as well mentally to think and feel good.

#2 Less later

One of the most common words my kids hear me say is ‘later’.

“I’m just busy, we can do it later”

“Let me just finish this, we’ll have time later”

And so it goes on. And later never comes around because the end of the day comes around and I never get around to what I promised them. The goal is to turn the ‘later’ into NOW! Within reason, of course! When the boys ask me to sit and play with them, or draw with them, I want to do it now instead of turning it into a promise I can’t keep up with as the days roll into each other.

#3 Declutter

I went on about decluttering towards the end of the year a lot but sadly didn’t complete my goals. So this year, it’s go time. I want to finish decluttering my house, but at the same time declutter my mind more as well as my relationships with others, be it my marriage, my friendships and my family.

#3 Minimalism

Along with the declutter journey, I want to live with only what I need. Same shirts in four different colors? No more. Duplicate kitchenware? No more. And so forth.

#5 Create

Create time, create new interests, create new memories, create ideas.

#6 Learn

Learn new things, improve my own knowledge.

#7 Grow

Grow as a wife, as a mama, as a woman, as a daughter, as a friend.

#8 Engage

Stop cutting myself off from the world because I’m staying at home with my kids. Engage more with people, face to face as well as online.

#9 Organize

This is a big one: organize my life, my house, my time.

#10 Time

My ability to manage my time is non-existent and this year I want to change it. Better focus, better planning and having more time to do what needs to be done.

#11 Read

This one doesn’t need much explaining. Last year I didn’t read as much As I had hoped so this year I set my goal to read 20 books.

#12 Write

Last year I didn’t blog as much as I had hoped I would and this year I’ve changed my goals around for my blog to find them more manageable so that I can follow through with what I want to achieve.

#13 Train

Train, exercise… Whichever. I want to be fit again and feel better about myself. Even though I’ll be doing it at home, I’ll need to be disciplined to stick through with it.

#14 Discover

I’ve been lacking in my spiritual journey which in turn affects a lot of aspects in my life. My relationship with God needs attention ASAP and I’m excited to discover how much more He can mean to me in my life.

#15 Let go

Cleanse myself mentally and emotionally, and let go of old disputes, relationships that aren’t working out, people that don’t bring value to my family and myself.

What I love about these goals is that they are (most of them) are dependent on each other, and if I don’t focus on one, it affects others as well. This will motivate me to push through and give each one attention to be successful at keeping to my goals and breaking through this year.

So yes, my word of year is perfectly fitting with my goals.

Lots of growth this year in my line of sight!

  • Have you been wondering what your word of the year should be? Here’s how to choose one:
    • Look back at the year that you had, what do you want to change this year?
      Is there something not going well in your life? How can you improve it?
      What do you want to do more of? What do you want to do less of?

    Here are some examples for word of the year ideas:

    • Achieve
    • Awaken
    • Be
    • Build
    • Change
    • Control
    • Direction
    • Discipline
    • Encourage
    • Examine
    • Fearless
    • Forgive
    • Give
    • Gratitude
    • Habit
    • Humble
    • Imagine
    • Inspire
    • Journey
    • Joy
    • Laugh
    • Less
    • Memories
    • Move
    • New
    • No
    • Open
    • Overcome
    • Patience
    • Persist
    • Quality
    • Quiet
    • Receive
    • Renew
    • Seek
    • Share
    • Teach
    • Travel
    • Understand
    • Unstoppable
    • Value
    • Vision
    • While
    • Wisdom
    • Yes

    Do you have a word for 2019? What about goals you are focusing on?

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