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Currently: January 2019

Hello lovely people, and hello 2019!

Welcome to a new year! Are you ready for the wonderful things it will bring??

I hope everyone had an amazing festive season and a good rest.

We’re still on ‘holiday‘ this week although Hubby Byren has returned to work already. This week is our ‘get back into routine week‘ because after a few weeks of no school and a loose schedule, the boys need a mind switch to get back into the usual daily routines we have once the school year is up and running.

And speaking of downtime, Decemeber was pretty great for us. Hubby Byren was on leave for the first time in three years. Sure, he’s always been home between Christmas and New Years but this time he was off for three whole weeks which meant we had more time to spend together as a family and got up to a few activities.

The very first weekend Hubby Byren took the boys fishing, and I didn’t get to go with as it was a boys day out. Which was fine as it was a great opportunity for them to spend some time together, and me to have some time away from all the kids. Cay was with me, of course, which still meant I had a chilled day. Also do you know how amazing it is to spend a whole day in a clean house without someone messing something up within an hour? It’s amazing!! Konrad, the Godfather, also joined in on the day, and even though no fish were caught, the time was well spent.

We took a trip to the zoo as well. We went to the Pretoria Zoo as they had a special on during the holidays and we made use of the opportunity. It was the perfect day out as the weather was cloudy and we were able to see a lot more of the animals before the sun finally came out and they hid away in their enclosures. Unfortunately not all the animals were on display as there are renovations being done but we got to see enough for the boys to feel chuffed about it.

Christmas we spent at home, keeping it small as well as not over cooking because the clean up is always the worst part. It was Cay’s first Christmas and although she obviously doesn’t understand much at this age, she has had a fun time stalking the tree and pulling off any decorations she could get her hands on. Even standing on her tip toes to reach the higher ones.

Sticking to tradition, we spent New Years on the farm, with the Jonkers. We’ve been going there for the last five years. Last New Years I didn’t make it to midnight. I was lights out by 22H00, woke up just past midnight, congratulated everyone and went back to sleep. This year Hubby Byren took the stand and went to sleep earlier so the boys could settle down. I made it to midnight. In fact, I made it to 02H30. I don’t know how, sober and all. Sadly we had to leave the same day as it is a far drive and Hubby Byren had to pop in to the office the day after. Still, the time spent there is always great!

This year is a big one again. We have a move to get through again. Hubby Byren is going to France again. This time for three weeks possibly. We’re still waiting for date confirmation. We’ll also have a seven year old, four year old and one year old in our home this year.

Monster is doing Grade R over again this year because while he’s up to speed with all he needs for Grade 1, his speech isn’t up to standard and putting him into Grade 1 will be more harmful and could cause him to fall behind again. We’re doing a different curriculum with him, from Brainline, so he doesn’t get bored this year while we work on getting his speech improved. I’m excited about what lies ahead this year concerning our homeschool journey.

Gremlin is going through the threenager stage which means a lot of whining, crying and backchatting. I’m telling you, this isn’t an easy stage. Those that worry about the terrible twos have no idea what waits for them during the threenager stage. We didn’t go through any of this with Monster as we were facing other difficulties with him. Still, as challenging as this stage is, it’s interesting to see his personality develop as well as watch him grow and learn more about himself.

To me, it feels like Cay is growing up way quicker than the boys did. Not only is she saying Mama and Dada already, but there’s a trace of ‘hello‘ in the mix as well. She’s been standing up against furniture for a few weeks now and has slowly started taking first steps while holding on. I’m just wondering if she can possibly get busier than she already is. She doesn’t ever sit still, except when she’s asleep, and as soon as she’s mobile on her feet, it’s going to be a whole new game.

I’m starting a new project this year and as excited as I am to share about it, I’ll have to give it a little more time because spreading the news to work out any kinks. I’ll share as soon as it’s ready!

This year, for the first time in three years, I took some time to set up a few goals for myself. Nothing major, but things I would really like to focus on, and I’ll share them in an upcoming post with you soon.

Anywho, I hope everyone is ready for a year filled with new opportunities and dreams to be turned into realities.

What are your plans for 2019?

2 thoughts on “Currently: January 2019

  1. You have a lovely family and I am so glad your hubby had time off so you could spend time together. We are also repeating Grade R for Nicky, it’s the best decision.

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