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Reasons why a summer pregnancy sucks

Summer pregnancies are not for sissies, especially when you’re in your last trimester!

The last trimester is hard and exciting for many reasons, even though that last month can feel like it’s going on forever.

When I was pregnant with the boys, I had just entered the second trimester when the summer months ended so I didn’t ‘suffer’ as much as I did with my last pregnancy, where the majority of my last trimester was during the hot summer!

I didn’t know what to expect, although I should’ve realized it would be the opposite of my experience with my first two pregnancies.

Yet I stayed optimistic which was quickly proven wrong as the summer months came around and I was hit with the thought that being pregnant in the summer sucks! While it’s a rough time to pregnant, you survive it!

Here’s why I believe that summer pregnancies suck!

Constant sweating

I’m not someone who gets hot easily (although I can’t say the same about winter and constantly being cold) nor do I sweat easily. But my body proved that it’s possible! We had a week of extreme heat over the December holidays and I felt like all the taps in my body (if that was possible) were turned on full force. Boob sweat, butt sweat, feet sweat. You name it. There was sweat everywhere! And that glow that people talk about when you’re pregnant… It wasn’t the glow, it was the sweat reflecting off the sun!

Exhausted all the time

I didn’t take a lot of naps during my pregnancies. With the boys, I was still working full-time when I was pregnant, and with Cay, I couldn’t take naps because of being home with the boys. Yet when summer came around, it felt like the heat was constantly tiring me out and I would pass out on the couch without even meaning to for some shut eye time.


Oh, the lack of sleep. Besides the fact that you’re already struggling to sleep because you’re uncomfortable; add on the summer heat, and the sweating, and you’re not sleeping again. Sure, you can put on the air conditioner but when the temperature drops during the night, you run the risk of catching a cold. And you can probably open a few windows but….


As it is, I’m already a magnet for mozzies and with your blood rushing around more, and elevated temperatures, you become the bullseye target to them. Also try sleeping when you’re constantly hearing the buzzing around your head. I used the mozzie repellent spray from Pure Beginnings because I didn’t want to use harsh chemicals on my already sensitive skin.

Feeling comfortable

Add on the heat, the sweating, the tiredness, the bump and you’ll quickly realize that feeling comfortable isn’t going to be easy.

Staying hydrated

It felt like no matter how much water I drank to stay hydrated, I stayed thirsty. It was probably due to sweating out every drop out but still, the struggle to quench my thirst was real.


I envy men. When you’re at home, and it’s hot, you just lose your shirt and you feel a little better. Not for us woman. You can’t do that! Whenever the boys were in bed, I would strip down to my underwear and just lounge on the couch until I could feel I was cooling down just a little bit.


Thanks to pregnancy swelling, cackles exist. Add on the heat, everything just seems to swell up even more. And there’s nothing like looking down at your feet and thinking that you have rocks stuffed under your skin.


I started growing out my hair again last year after cutting it short in July and when summer came along, I remembered why I had cut it short the first time in 2015. It felt like the long hair was making me feel hotter, on top of all the other reasons. Sweaty hair stinks! I can get away with washing my hair every second day but during that summer, it was an every day thing.


You can’t wear long pants during the summer because you’re already feeling so hot so you try and wear the least amount of clothing possible. I loved this about my winter pregnancies. I didn’t need to worry about shaving my legs – long pants and no one can see my legs. Summer is a different story! And not shaving also resulted in sweating more. Shaving your legs with a bump in your way – not so fun. When I was done and I found a few patches I missed, my response usually was “Yeah, I’m not going through that again”.

Car rides

Heat + car rides + pregnant bump + swelling = I’ll skip on this experience as much as possible.

Fruit references

Why can’t fruit just be fruit?? Asking me if I’m carrying a watermelon because it’s a summer fruit and it’s summer isn’t funny. I’m not going to laugh, I’m going to wish I actually had a watermelon – to put over your head. Same goes for melons!

Touch the bump

Picture this; you’re sweating everywhere, you’re irritated because you’re getting so hot, your clothes are clinging to your body and someone comes along to touch your bump… Reaction? I might just bite your arm off. Besides the fact that you don’t even ASK about touching my bump, can’t you see I’m one foot in the doorway to hell?

Summer events

I didn’t manage to stay awake very long during any events we had. Long days in the heat followed by long evenings in the heat left me yawning! Last New Years I didn’t even make it to midnight. I passed out two hours before the time because the heat and exhaustion had caught up with me (we spent the week at my sister-in-laws farm). Also I’m well past my drinking days yet still enjoy a cider or two at events, but not being able to have a nice cold one while everyone else can might not be a great reason to put on here, but it’s still a reason to refer to.

Bikini season

I’ve never been self-confident about my body when I was pregnant. Mainly because of my personal cheerleader, Hubby Byren, who reminded me almost every day how beautiful I looked (if that doesn’t create a confidence boost, what does??). Even though I didn’t have any body issues, I still didn’t wear my bikini. Except on the occasion where we ordered a water slide for the boys over Christmas weekend and it was AMAZING to just lounge in the water pool and cool off a little. It was just us four so I was happy wearing it. I think my main problem was people and their comments, because if they can say what’s on their mind while I’m fully clothed, what will they say when my whole bump is on display?? You get tired of hearing feedback you didn’t ask for, and you take steps to avoid it when possible.

Did you have a summer pregnancy? How did you experience it?

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