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Truths about the last month of pregnancy

Ahhh, the last month!

Can you believe that your baby’s arrival is around the corner already??

Pregnancy has its great moments, and its not so great ones, and yet when it’s over, you’ll still miss it!

When I reached the last month of my pregnancies, I remember thinking how the time had gone by so quickly and that within a few weeks our babies would be born. I was happy and sad at the same time. Happy because we were a short distance away from d-day and sad because my pregnancy was almost over.

Yet as exciting as the last month is, it comes with its cons! To me, it was the worst month from the entire pregnancy with the whole of the first trimester following close behind.

There are SO many things that influence the last month to be, in my opinion, the worst. Not only are you worrying about making sure you’ve prepared everything you needed to for your baby’s arrival but in a few short weeks, your life is going to take a big turn with a baby in the picture.

If you haven’t reached the last month of your pregnancy, don’t be alarmed as you continue reading. I’ve put this post together based on my experiences with all my pregnancies and I didn’t experience every single thing with all my pregnancies. Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones that flies through the last month with few hiccups.

If you’ve been through the last month, mama, I’m sure you can relate to a couple of the points in this post!

Luckily it’s all things you can blame on pregnancy, because people just wouldn’t be as understanding if you weren’t.

Here are the truths, and why this month kind of just sucks.

Time can stand still
When you reach the last month, you think back at how quickly time has passed since the day you found out you’re pregnant up until the present day and you expect the last month to pass by just as quickly. But it doesn’t and you’re left with experiencing a lot of the points below on a higher level.

Stress of pre-term labor

The fear of going into pre-term labor is the same throughout your pregnancy as was the fear of having miscarriage. For some reason, the stress was higher for me in the last month because of all the pressure of a baby pushing down and your water breaking too early.

Stress of going past your due date

While I never experienced this with any of my pregnancies, I still worried about it. Especially my pregnancy with Monster because his birth was the only birth that wasn’t scheduled for a C-Section. The worry of how much bigger my bump would get should I have carried past my due date was so real!

Stress of birth

Even though I had been through labor before, I stressed about it with Gremlin and Cay as well. One of the worries was going into labor before my schedule C-Section dates, which is exactly what happened with Cay.

Carrying during the summer

With the boys, I carried my last months during winter which was great because I had a mini incubator with me keeping me warm, all the time. With Cay, my last trimester stretched over the summer months and it was horrible. I’m not someone who gets hot very easily but that last month before her birth, I couldn’t adjust to the heat as well as my body overheating all. the. time!

Realize your weight gain

As your pregnancy goes along, you obviously notice the small weight gain you have as the months go by. And during that last month, when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, and you do a quick calculation of how much weight you’ve gain, you feel it hit you.

Bump just pops even more

When you think your bump can’t get bigger, it really does!

Swollen everything

Forget trying to wear rings and forget about wearing your favourite pair of shoes as everything swells.

Car rides

Car rides feel like torture as you can’t really get comfortable in the car, especially if you’re driving a far distance.

Sitting on something low

If you can avoid sitting on something low, do so! Because getting up again, without any help, might look funny to others but it’s not fun for you. Same goes for dropping something; if it can wait for someone else to be picked up, just leave it there.


I’m not sure if it’s just your body’s way to prepare you for the lack of sleep stage you’re about to be faced with but sleeping just becomes a thing of the past because you’re being kicked in the ribs at all times of the night, you can’t find a comfortable position to sleep in and you end up tossing and turning. Except that it takes you about 10 minutes just to turn to the other side, which is time lost sleeping. And so it goes on.

Every pain makes you think you’re in labor

Yep, every little pain you feel in your lower back or stomach will send a small panic running through you, and your mind automatically assuming you might be going into labor.

Everyone touching your bump

I don’t know why but during the last month, it was like everyone thought they are entitled to touching my bump. I get it, you want to feel the baby kicking and stuff, but it won’t hurt asking if you’re allowed to, because if I don’t know you, you ain’t touching me!

Opinions and rude people

While you’re bond to hear loads of opinions from others about pregnancy and babies, as you reach your last stretch, it seems that the opinions triple as everyone tries to shove their opinion in. Shove because when you’ve told them once you’re not interested, they still carry on. And not all the opinions are nice. People can still be rude, even to pregnant women and you’ll hear all kinds of feedback about how big you are… Or that you shouldn’t carry any longer because you’re already that big! Pffft!

Pee and poop

Right from the beginning, your bladder seems to be the only part of you that doesn’t grow as the months go by. Now add on the pressure of a baby pushing down on it and you’ve got yourself a little bit of a problem if you don’t get to a bathroom quickly enough.

Pooping itself becomes a wait game as you leave your body to work through it so you don’t get yourself into pre-term labor or struggle with hemorrhoids, if you already don’t have them.

Grocery shopping

To the people that invented online grocery shopping, thank you from all the heavily pregnant woman out there! You don’t want to be out and about, pushing around a trolley full of groceries, in the heat, with older kids, in a crowded store. You just don’t.

Itching bump

It gets real towards the end, your skin is still working all the way to accommodate your baby so it’s still stretching and the itching doesn’t go away!


I don’t know how many times you actually NEED to repack the baby room but to me, it was something I did almost every day. Not because I thought I did a bad job of it the day before, I just felt I had to. Nesting is as real as preggy brain! Or caused by preggy brain… Whichever!


Damn indigestion gets worse as all your organs are official squished!


Be prepared to walk like a penguin for the last stretch. And even for a while after your baby is born, because the habit doesn’t just disappear overnight.

Don’t want to leave home

It feels like such hard work to go anywhere. Especially if you’re driving to a far destination. You just want to stay at home, NEST, and relax. And you have an excuse; you’re growing a baby, you’re almost at the end and you deserve all the rest you can get. Getting out of things at this stage is the easiest.

Sex ain’t sexy anymore

The huffing and puffing at this stage isn’t from the work you’re putting into the bedroom, it’s from trying to switch from position to position. And it’s awkward. You have no idea what your feet look like, let alone your vagina… You don’t feel sexy with a bump the size of Everest (okay, maybe it’s not that bad!) and you really just want to catch up on sleep you anyway know you won’t be getting.

That’s the life of the last month of pregnancy. And while it’s exhausting (understatement), I would like to encourage you to savor it because no matter how many pregnancies you have, each one is unique!

How many truths can you relate to?

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