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How to be sick when you can’t be sick

One of the cons of being a stay at home mama is getting sick.

It’s not like you can whisk your kids off quickly to a school for a couple of hours so you can properly medicate yourself and sleep as much as you can during the day to rest and get better.

This is one of the perks I miss from the time I was still working full-time. I could easily take sick leave while the boys were at school and stay at home to recover in peace. Usually a three day period would be plenty of time to recover again.

This year I was sick three times over a period of three months. Two of the times the boys were also sick, and the third time all the kids had the sniffles

There’s a big difference between kids that are sick and adults. Kids, unless severely sick, just don’t lose their energy, or their happiness for that matter. Us adults just want to crawl under a blanket and veg on the couch until there’s light at the end of the tunnel. We’re happy with a good bowl of soup and a hot beverage and a line-up of our favorite series inbetween between your naps.

That doesn’t happen when you’re a stay at home mama. Sometimes I’m jealous of Hubby Byren. Each time he’s been sick this year, he just went to the Doctor, got his sick leave letter, and stayed at home to rest, nap and recover. I can’t do that because my kids are the little bosses in my life and they won’t be as understanding as I wish they would be towards the way I’m feeling.

After the second sick stage hit our home, I knew that I needed to find ways to survive being sick with kids because it’s hell when you can hardly move thanks to fever pains and you have a screaming baby, and two other bouncing kids to keep you busy!

So I found ways to survive being sick; fighting the sniffles and still accommodating my kids without being a bad mama.

Nap when your kids nap

If you’re lucky that your kids still take naps during the day, then it’s all too possible. While Monster doesn’t nap anymore, the other two do, so whenever they took a nap at the same time, I took the opportunity with open arms.

Make getting up worth it

With fever pains and being tired, I hated getting off the couch for anything, but you can’t stay there all day when you have kids that need you. So whenever I needed to get up for something I made sure that I did everything I needed to do at the same time so that I didn’t need to get up again sooner. Fix lunches, change a nappy, make some tea, put on the washing machine as an example until the next run I needed to make.

Order in

While I cook from specific menus that exclude carbs and starch, when you’re sick, the last thing you want to do is be stuck in the kitchen in front of a hot stove, hoping you’re not about to pass out. So on the days I felt REALLY crap, I asked Hubby Byren to order take aways because I just couldn’t cook in my condition. Yes, we skipped on our healthy eating path for a day or two but it helped so much!

Kids, meet your babysitter

If you’re against screen time during the day for your kids, these are the times you’ll want to keep the TV on ALL the time. Putting on some cartoons for your kids to watch will give you some peace and quiet to rest a little while they are being entertained, even if it’s for a short period of time until they lose interest.

Let your kids be independent 

Age appropriately, of course. I made sure that if needed, the boys could help themselves to lunch and snacks. Monster can make sandwiches already so I left all they would need close by for him to reach and make a snack. Also, I sent them around on errands around the house; fetching tissues or cleaning up the living room, etc. It helped with keeping them busy, as well as not leaving the couch unless it was for something they couldn’t do on their own.

Let go of a little normal

Since we homeschool, every day is crucial to keep to our routine and activities we need to work through. But trying to focus on school work while you feel like death is at yourstep isn’t easy and you’re doing more damage than good. Taking a a few days off to focus on your recovery won’t hurt. Skip washing the floors. Leave the dishes for the day. It’s not going to send your whole house into a frenzy but it will give you extra recovery time.

Ask for help

There’s no need to be brave when you’re sick. We all go through it and there’s nothing wrong with asking for a little help. Whether it’s to watch the kids for a little bit, or help with errands or clean a few things in your house. And if someone is offering help, accept it with open arms.

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