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Things that change when you have three kids

The next installment is finally here.. The three kids update post!

Of course I had to first get a hand on what it would be like with three kids and what changes I could pick up on that would be different to life with two kids.

So far, there have been good days and bad days, and days where I’ve wanted to crawl under my blanket and shut out the world for a few hours.

In the bigger picture of things, life with three kids has been wonderful, and difficult, and exciting, and every day brings new bumps to climb over.

Although some of the similarities stayed the same with having two kids, there’s a whole new list of more changes to our lives.


A dirty house takes on a new meaning as you try and keep your head above water with getting to clean everything while you have kids bringing in dirt from the outside and a baby that’s mobile, pulling books off the bookshelf that you have already repacked eight times just that morning.


I forgot how much laundry a baby can generate in one day. Then add on the stained clothing from the other two from playing in mud. And there are sometimes outfit changes during the day.. Keeping up with laundry is not as easy anymore.


There is ALWAYS someone whining or screaming or crying at some stage of the day for different reasons, mostly the boys fighting over something or Cay getting impatient with me (and now that she’s mobile, she can crawl behind me whining). I’m not ashamed to admit that sometimes I drain it out to try and keep some inner calm, otherwise my sanity will not make it.


I never tried babywearing with either of the boys because I had enough hands to accommodate both at the same time, but with a third kid in the mix, you realized how difficult it is to juggle everyone at the same time. So I took up babywearing for every time I go somewhere alone with the kids because it’s the only way I found I can really give everyone the watchful eye as well as do what I need to do on our errand runs.


Do I even to explain this point??

Our bed

Earlier this year we replaced our family bed with a bigger size and it’s still too small to have everyone lying in it!!


There are more kids than adults now and it can get interesting, I’m sure, at a later stage when there are standoffs. I believe it comes with the territory.

Screen time

I’ve tried to limit screen time for the boys over the past year but there are some days; those days that are hectic and if I don’t get the kids out of my hair quickly, I might just explode, that I allow a little more screen time more often so I can keep the peace.

Bedtime stories

I use to read bedtime stories to the boys almost each night before Cay was born and now it’s just not happening because at th time the boys have their bedtime, Cay is slowly moving to the same time and when she’s tired and about to have a meltdown, the last thing I think about is picking a book off the bookshelf.


I’m not too proud to admit this but when I need to run to the bathroom quickly or need to hang out laundry, I ask the boys to sit with Cay and watch her until I get back. Sometimes I take a little longer to return so I can absorb some alone time. And come on, it’s bonding time for them all, so what’s there to complain about? The boys actually enjoy her company, and vise versa so win win!


I’ve given up on sleep.

Forget baby books

I have a baby book for Monster, which I have almost completed even though it’s been six years already. Gremlin has a baby book that hasn’t even been taken out of the plastic. And I never even bought one for Cay..

Middle kid worry is real

For some reason, the middle kid is always hanging around with the least attention, and Gremlin is the attention hogger in our house which leads to a lot of frustration for him and for me.

Someone is always left out

And it’s not just the middle kid you need to worry about. If you’re busy putting out fires with one kid, another is screaming from another room for attention and so it goes on and on..

Parking spaces

I never use to worry about parking close to where I needed to go, but with three kids, I specifically look out for the Mama and Baby marked parking spaces, or spaces closest to my destination. Walking far distances with my arms full is just not an option anymore.

The sniffles

It’s a vicious circle. As soon as one kid has the sniffles, it spreads to everyone. Have you experienced life with three sick kids? It’s moments like that that I wished I could run; fast and far.

Youngest seems the easiest

Really, at this stage, Cay is the easiest kid in our house. She only cries when there’s reason, like hunger or tiredness. Which is a dream compared to the other two on most days.

Always needed

No matter how quickly you’ve attended to everyones needs, not long after you’ll be needed for something again. And the best times are when its all three kids at once. I’m lying guys; it’s not the best, it’s a living nightmare.

Accept any help offered

Any help. Hold the baby for a few minutes so I can round up the other two. Help me clean a kid covered in candy and sand. Sweep out my kitchen. I’ll take anything at this stage.

Lose your cool a lot more

I swear I’m living a permanently pissed off life right now. And even moments when I’m not, it doesn’t take long for something to change that.

Feel overwhelmed almost every day

Many a times a day I feel like just bursting out in tears from frustration, exhaustion and a mix of other emotions. And it’s not about feeling better when the kids are all fast asleep and there’s a sweet silence. Because that’s when your mind switches into overthinking and the emotions all come back again.

Filling out forms

Filling out forms for three kids. is. a. bitch. To give you an idea, the amount of time it takes, I can wash the dishes and wash the floors and still have some time left to make myself a cup of tea!

Bedtime is a blur

Trying to manage a bedtime routine is craaazy. Even though it starts at the same time each night, the end of it is never the same time. Someone’s always thirsty, or suddenly overcome with hunger or there’s a toy missing.

When you’re left with one, you can semi-breathe again

Staying home with just ONE child feels like a holiday because you only need to worry about ONE!

Comments from every direction

“You’ve been busy…”

“How do you handle it?”

“Couldn’t you stop at two?”

“You’ve got your hands full!”

“I’m so glad we only had two!”

“Three just seems like a difficult number.”

Can’t you just say I have cute kids and shut the F up about the rest?

3 thoughts on “Things that change when you have three kids

  1. Due any day now with number 3 – my oldest JUST turned three and the other is 19 months old. Thank you for this – I needed it!

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