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Reasons I’ve carried on breastfeeding

It only seems fair that after I posted my reasons for wanting to give up on breastfeeding, and saying right at the end that I’m not quitting that I would need to have a post for the opposite reasons.

One thing I do need to mention is that I loved getting responses from other mamas saying they also had days where they wanted to give up on breastfeeding because some days were hard or it really did take up time, and so forth. Everyone has their own reasons for feeling the way they do, but ultimately we all find ourselves in the same boat-there are days we just all want to give up. And there’s nothing to feel guilty about, because mama life is already hard and we’re already hung up on all the guilt it comes along with, we don’t need the extra additions of it!

So yes, in a previous post I chatted about my reasons for wanting to stop breastfeeding Cay, and I’m still pushing through to accomplish my goal to breastfeed Cay for a year. She’s almost eight months old (I can’t believe it!!) and I haven’t hit any issues with the feeds anymore.. I’m thinking about the first few weeks and how I was losing my mind little by little thanks to the ‘witching hour’, a little colic and lack of sleep. I’m SOOO glad we’ve passed that, and I’m so glad it’s been my last time EVER going though the newborn stage since Huby Byren and I decided we’re done with having kids and made it permanent. I’m not saying I’m not going to miss the newborn stage, I will definitely, I’m just glad I don’t have to go through it again because to me, those were truly the hardest weeks with all three of our kids.

Anyway, this goal I set out to accomplish with Cay and breastfeeding. It’s not that I NEED to breastfeed her for the full year, Hubby Byren made it very clear that it’s my choice for the duration and he’ll support me as we go along. One of the biggest reason I want to breastfeed for a year is mentioned in this list, but it’s not the main one!

I want to show myself that I am capable of doing it. I want to prove to myself that I can push through all the obstacles that have come our way, and still might come. There’s so much I didn’t know about breastfeeding with Monster and that is also partially part of why I failed at breastfeeding with him. It’s not that I’m trying to make up for what happened then through my journey with Cay but I want to prove to myself that I can actually do this because I have a better idea of what is happening now and what I did wrong then. 

There’s also nothing wrong with choosing not to breastfeed, not because you couldn’t, but because you didn’t want to. Which was the case with Gremlin because life was just a little too hectic then and my experience with Monster completely through my breastfeeding game off. Yet with Cay, I changed my mindset and I made sure to research, ask and find any and all information I needed to make my last breastfeeding journey a success. There were many things I wasn’t prepared for either, because I had never passed the two month mark and it was a whole new adventure for me. Like breastfeeding in public, now that was a whole new ball game.

Here are the reasons why I’m pushing through and continuing my breastfeeding journey to my one year mark with Cay:

It’s free

Excuse me for stating the obvious here, I’m going to put this one out there because it’s just plain and simple. Formula is DAMN expensive!! And breastmilk… Well, free. I actually sat down to work out an average amount of formula I would need to buy for Cay for up to a year based on how I use to buy for the boys each month and I reached an amount of R14 400 for one year, just on formula. It’s a lot of money that can be saved because you don’t need to pay for breastmilk and if I have the opportunity to save on baby expenses by breastfeeding Cay, then so be it.

It’s convenient 

I know I mentioned that breastfeeding is time consuming in the other post, yet as much as it takes up time, it still stays super convenient. You don’t need to prepare milk bottles, and wash bottles afterwards and make sure the milk is the right temperature. You don’t need to worry about forgetting a bottle or the formula container at home. None of that. Excuse my possibly direct statement, but with breastfeeding, you just need to whip out your boob, where the milk is already the perfect temperature, and have your baby drink wherever you are without having to worry about any of the above mentioned issues.

It’s perfectly designed

Breastmilk is perfectly designed for your baby and if it’s possible available, it’s the best feeding you can give. It doesn’t mean that formula is bad, both boys were on formula and nothing bad happened. Breastmilk just has it all already and it’s always the right temperature, and it changes as your baby grows to accommodate to his/her needs and development stages. I mean, how awesome is that!

Burn it up

I’m talking about calories! I lost my baby weight at a good and healthy pace with the help of breastfeeding and all these months I’ve been able to maintain in. Even though I’ve had to up the amount of food I eat to maintain my milk supply (and breastfeeding makes you REALY hungry!!), I’ve been able to balance my current weight around the same amount. So yes to weight lose and maintaining the new weight!


I don’t want to say that it took me the same amount of time to bond with my kids because situations were different with all of them, but I have to mention that there is definately a bond that formed quicker with Cay than the boys. Besides that, it’s still forming so strongly. Breastfeeding is our time together when I’m not sharing anything else with anyone else but her, and the cuddle! Oh, those cuddles are just the best, as she snuggles up to me, settling down for her ‘snack’ and when she’s nursing, she’s staring at me with those light green eyes and then starts grinning when she catches me staring back at her and tries to reach out to touch my chin. It’s these moments I’m just not ready to give up yet, and I know that the time will come when breastfeeding will come to an end..

But luckily, that time is not today!!

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