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Reasons you should get dressed every day as a SAHM

When I was still a full-time working mama, getting dressed every day was a given.

Every day I would wake up early, make sure I was ready before any of the kids woke up so there was less screaming and crying because they needed my full attention at certain stages of getting ready.

There were no excuses for not getting dressed each morning for work (well,duh!) and because of the type of work I did, I really had to DRESS up some days because I had meetings with clients and presented training sessions. Right in the beginning, it was fun. I had a couple of ‘corporate’ outfits I had never previously worn and I was excited to finally try them on and actually wear them. But as the months went by, dressing up didn’t seem to be so fun anymore. I’m not one to wear high heels (picture a horse walking in them) and I wore them a couple of days each week. My feet were killing me by the end of the day and I couldn’t wait to kick them off as soon as I got into the car.

I remember the very first day I had to give training, which was completely unplanned! We had a couple of potential clients visiting us and the head of the project was going to be doing the presentation as I wasn’t ready to do the presentation on my own yet. So I was dressed up, in heels, sitting right at the back of the boardroom, taking down notes when the head announced some time in that he needed to leave and I was going to carry on with the presentation. Guys, standing for about two hours in heels isn’t fun, especially when you’re not used to wearing them. As soon as the last person left, I kicked them off and rested my throbbing feet in the air. I didn’t realize yet at that point, this would happen more often than I thought.

Those days are long gone, and the heels have been untouched for almost two years. All my corporate clothing has been untouched because being a stay at home mama doesn’t require dressing up fancy. It has been replaced with stained t-shirts, ripped jeans and being barefoot most of the time (except winters, those require socks!!). 

For the first few months of becoming a stay at home mama, I didn’t even get dressed, I stayed in my PJs all day, showered at night and just changed into clean PJs again. What was the harm, right? It’s not like anyone outside our home saw me, and I was at home anyway, why get dressed? It didn’t change the fact that I needed to do school work with the kids, what I was wearing doesn’t have an affect on that, right???


I only REALLY understood the importance of getting dressed every day towards the end of last year (along with many arguments about it with Hubby Byren) when I realized what the full impact was on our daily lives.

While my life hasn’t really simplified, now with three kids at home, it has become more manageable and a little more structured when I started putting in the effort to get dressed every morning. I’m not saying easier, I’m saying manageable.

When Cay was born, I thought to myself I’ll be able to get away with wearing PJs everyday again because I have a small baby again and there are more important things than getting out of my PJs for the day. What I realized pretty quickly (I was still at the hospital when the epiphany came through) is that I still had two other kids at home who needed me and the structure we already had in place. Just because I had a little baby, didn’t mean that I needed to abrupt the routines the boys were used to (and destroy all the work I put into implementing and keeping to). Life was already changing around them with our newest family member, I couldn’t take away the structure of ‘normal’ they currently had.

I want to share with you why I believe that whether you’re a stay at home mama, homeschool mama, work from home mama or any type of mama, getting dressed every day is important for you, your kids and your day!

It puts you in a mindset

As soon as I’m dressed out of my PJs and into my every day clothes, I feel better. I feel more awake andready to take on the day.

It sets the tone to be productive

I immediately know the day has started and there are things to be done. The longer I take to get dressed in the morinings, the quicker it is for procrastination to set in and and the day suddenly has less hours to do everything that needs to be done. I make sure that I am dressed before 08:00a.m each morning because that is the time our routine officially kicked off for the day.

It dresses you for your job

Being a stay at home mama is a job too, even if it doesn’t pay me anything and there are no leave or sick days to be claimed. Yet it’s still an important job because I’m responsible for my kids’ education and well being, and if I’m not feeling up to it because my mindset isn’t right, I’m failing at it..

It’s a form of self-care  

Currently, I don’t have time for proper self-care because I’m too exhausted in the evenings, so a quick shower is my go-to route. Getting dressed every day is actually a form of self-care because you are taking a small amount of time to take care of yourself, even with something as small as getting out of your PJs and into every day clothes, taming your hair and applying some lipgloss.

It prepares you for unexpected guests

For some reason, all my deliveries arrive early in the mornings and I really didn’t want to greet people each time wearing PJs . It’s inappropriate and uncomfortable (for both parties, I’m sure). Also you won’t be caught by surprise if anyone randomly decided to pop in for a visit. 

It makes you a role model

I can’t expect my kids to go and get dressed for the day if I don’t follow through with it myself. How can I tell them something is right if I don’t do it myself? How can I expect them to follow rules if I don’t follow them myself? You need to set the standard of what must happen in order for them to follow in your footsteps.

It creates a routine

As soon as breakfast is over, the kids are off to get dressed in their rooms, as I do in mine. This automatically kicks in the switch in their minds that the day is starting off and it’s now time to get serious because school time is coming up next. I’ve learned that kids really do thrive on routine and structure because it creates an understanding of what is going to follow and creates security. Which in turn makes our mornings easier and less bumpy.

It’s eye candy for your husband

Okay, maybe not eye candy…but the it’s pleasant for your husband to come home and not find you looking like a tornado that got shook by an earthquake. I’m not saying you need to go out if your way to wear make-up and do your hair up (although perfectly fine if you choose to do so), I’m just saying refresh yourself a little before he gets home, show him that you still take care of yourself even if you don’t have reason to leave your house on the day.

Most importantly, do it for yourself!
I enjoy looking and feeling good, comfortable and neat. Getting dressed every day helps me taking a step to feeling less of a sleep-deprived mama zombie I already am.

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