Currently: November 2018

Hello everyone! 

We’re almost at the end of 2018 and I’m sure you’re still going to hear a lot of people say this, but I can’t believe how quickly the year has gone by! (Feels like this every year though, right?)

Remember, when I mentioned that after the sucky September month that we had, I really hoped that October would be better? Well, that didn’t really happen, did it?

For those that don’t know, Gremlin was bitten by a dog in the beginning of month and needed surgery on his hand because the lacerations were quite deep and severe. Unfortunately, the nerve of his middle finger was completely messed up and the surgeon had to remove it, but told us that kids at this age are quite resilient and the nerve may grow back over time – so that’s a positive thought. He spent the night at the hospital for observations, and Hubby Byren never left his side.the rest of kids and I couldn’t go visit because of the ward rules so I only saw Gremlin 24hours after the incident when he was finally discharged and sent home.

Not even a week later, we took a trip to another Doctor with him as he woke up covered in a red spots. We initially thought it was chicken pox but it turned out to be Koksaki virus (or Coxsackievirus in English). It’s quite contagious and we suspect he may have picked it from the pediatric ward the previous week. There’s no medication for it and you have to let it run its course. We had him quarantined from the outside world, but it was a little difficult to achieve the same results at home with the other kids because everyone is all over the show. Luckily the spots started fading away within a week and no one else (parents included) contracted the virus.

I really hope his injury streak is over a while now!

Gremlin’s hand has healed very well, and we can’t thank the Doctor enough for doing such a good job patching him up! He’s using his injured hand with absolute confidence, although he does pull the strings of it hurting when he doesn’t want to do something (like chores and schoolwork) while, in the same breath, you catch him trying to jump off the couch or climb a tree. Two days after the surgery, he received multiple sympathy chocolates when we went to pick up a few groceries because he laid it on thickly when people asked him what happened to him! 

Monster has his first wobble tooth, discovered when he tried biting into an apple and ended up squealing in pain. I’m pretty excited about this. It’s a stage we’ve never been through and it’s awesome and terrifying at the same time. Mostly, all the the main attention switches between Gremlin and Cay as they come into new stages of development and Monster is ‘just there’. Now there is something going on in his life to put him on the map and so far, we have explained what is happening and what is coming, and he took all the info in without freaking out so I hope that when the tooth does fall out, he’ll be as calm about it as he is now. Although we don’t do the whole Father Christmas and Easter Bunny with the kids, we decided we’re going to call on the Tooth Fairy to help out.

Cay is mobile! She has mastered the leopard crawl within a week of trying and can now move around the room without calling for someone to pick her up and move her. She started sitting without support about a month ago and I thought to myself we’ll still have some time of calm before she attempted crawling…which never happened. While this is exciting because there’s less crying, there’s more stressing about leaving her alone for too long because you don’t know what she’s planning on grabbing onto next. Oh, and still no teeth!

My birth story with Cay was published in the Living and Loving magazine last month and I’m so thrilled about! Not only was it my first magazine feature but it was also amazing to be able to share my story with so many others!


November is my birthday month and I’m happy and sad at the same time. Happy that I made it another year, sad that I’m closer to leaving the Twenties than I was before. I know, aging is unstoppable but it still kind of sucks. I worked out a couple of days ago that I finished school 10 years  ago this year, I mean, I know of kids finishing their school career this year and I’m like 10 years ahead with it already! Hubby Byren asked me what I would like this year for my birthday this year and I hit a blank on it. I have no idea.. I have a Wishlist, which mostly consists of books I want.. But I got bookslast… yeah, I don’t know!. I wanted to get my tattoo done but I can’t since I’m still breastfeeding Cay and it’s not allowed. What’s waiting a little longer, right? Since I can’t tell Hubby Byren what I’d like, he told me to expect a ‘boring present’ this year, whatever that could mean??

Have any of you heard of the app Tik Tok? It’s been around for a while, but since I don’t always have the time to find new hobbies (What are hobbies??), I never knew it existed until my friend Chrisy told me about it after we spoke about lip sync singing… And I’m kind of obsessed with it at the moment.. when I have a moment to obsess, that is? Not only is it to record yourself pretending to be in a music video, but you can do acting with voice clips, dancing your heart out and participating in the challenges posted.. Some of the clips there are hilarious and other you are left wondering, “How are you NOT famous?!?” because they are so well done. I’ve done a couple of clips myself, and I must say I love doing the voice clips the most because of the acting and you can get really creative, even though it’s completely out of my element.. Like I don’t mind making a fool of myself in front of people I know, but this is the rest of the world were talking about.

I’ve finished watching House (sad face!) and I’m quite bummed out about it as I REALLY enjoyed the show (I’ll have to rematch it again at some point). Currently there’s nothing new I’m into; we’re still watching Grounded for Life and a few episodes of Monk. Netflix also has a crap load of of stand up comedy shows which were slowly working through (Guys, I never knew that Adam Sandler had a mouth on him???). I’m about two three seasons behind on American Horror Story because it’s obviously not something I can watch with the kids and Hubby Byren doesn’t enjoy the show… Maybe one day again…

On the reading front, not much is happening still. At this stage my goal is to read just ONE book because that’s all I have left on my Goodreads challenge for the year. So I’m sure I can manage at least that before the end of the year.

The school year is almost coming to an end and I’m so thankful for it. This year has been quite an adjustment with a baby in the mix and a good break is needed. Next year is going to be a long and hard year.  Monster is redoing Grade R because of his delayed speech and although there’s been a huge improvement this year, he’s just not ready to go to Grade One yet. While he’s on the ball with a lot of the requirements, speech-wise he won’t cope and we’d rather let him repeat Grade R than push him into a tin and expect him to cope in whatever ways he can. That will just damped all the progress we’ve already made and obviously have a negative impact. His study material arrived earlier this week from Brainline and I’m planning on going through everything already to plan out our year so that we can jump right in as soon as the school year kicks off.

I hope everyone has an amazing month and good luck to all the parents that have kids writing exams!!

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