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Reasons why I’ve wanted to stop breastfeeding

Yes, you read that title right!

The one that has been repeatedly mentioning that she wants to breastfeed for a year is having second thoughts.

Well, not really second thoughts, I’m still going to push for a year, but it doesn’t mean there haven’t been some moments where I’ve thought of stopping and switching to formula feeding.

I know, I know… Why ‘complain‘ about something you’re going to do anyway, right?

I LOVE that I’ve been able to breastfeed Cay for so long, we’ve just passed six months and I haven’t had any issues with milk supply, but I’m always thinking about it.

Do I have enough? Is it still carrying all the necessary nutrients to her? Am I eating the right food to keep the milk supply up? How will my exercising affect my supply? She’s eating three times a day now, how do I still include breastfeeding her without my supply dropping?


No matter how sure you are that you’ve done your research and chatted to other mamas, these thoughts never seem to go away. (But if you’ve found a way to get rid of them, do let me know!).

I have another six months to go before I wean Cay off the boobs but I’ve had some thoughts about why I would think about doing it earlier.

newproject_2_original (10)

More sleep?

As soon as my milk supply stabilized at around three months, Cay started giving a good five to six-hour stretch during the night before her next feed so I stopped dream feeding her as she was sleeping a lot better than before.

For the last few weeks, that has changed to her waking every three to four hours a night for a feed. Which means the extra sleep that I came to rely on so much has now gone and I’m definitely feeling the tiredness the next morning. I’ve thought that maybe, just maybe, if we switch to formula feeding, we’ll fall back into our old sleeping schedule and things will be a little easier then. Not to say that would happen, but wishful thinking?

Wine and sushi

I haven’t had either since the day I found out I was pregnant and I know lots of mamas have told me that it would be safe in small occasional quantities, I’ve steered clear of both… But the cravings, oh those damn cravings, are real. Hubby Byren has been considerate and not having any around me, except the few exceptions, and I take my hat off to him. Whenever we walk past a sushi stand or a wine rack, I resist the force to indulge, walk over to the baby aisle and buy formula (because it would be for my own selfish wants).

Teeth meet boobs

I’m dreading Cay getting teeth, and it’s probably going to happen soon as those gums are extra itchy lately, and I don’t know what’s lying in wait for me. She sometimes, I’m sure in thought, gums me while she feeds. It. Hurts. Like. Crazy! If that hurts, how will sharp-pointed objects feel??

Time consuming

Yep, some babies are quick feeders, and some are not… like Cay. She can easily build up an appetite and settle to feed for 30 minutes, while I need to juggle whatever I was busy with. Which sometimes happens when I’m cooking (rush to lower heat and remove pans),Β during our homeschool times (sorry boys, we’ll continue in a moment, right… when… she decides.. to stop squirming.. and drinks)Β and of course the times when you REALLY need to go to the bathroom (why, Murphy, why?).

Change of clothes

Currently, I revolve my clothing choices around tops that will help with making breastfeeding Cay easy and convenient. Which means that 80% of the clothes I own I haven’t even unpacked because they don’t allow easy access for breastfeeding. Last summer I didn’t get to wear them either because I was just over the edge of starting the third trimester and couldn’t fit into anything. I know it sounds so materialistic, but I really really miss variety, and wearing dresses!

I don’t need to juggle a baby alone

Cay feeds to fall asleep at night and I’m sometimes left rushing the bedtime routine for the boys because she’s starting to cry for me, and she’s cranky, and poor Hubby Byren has tried everything to calm her down until I can get to her. I sometimes wonder if the boys ever feel left out because most of my attention is focused on her needs, and I have to rush through the nighttime kisses and cuddles because she needs me. If I stopped breastfeeding, Hubby Byren would be able to help with feeding her and putting her to sleep at night because she wouldn’t be as attached to me as she now is and life would be a little easier.

Feeling a little normal again

I know it might sound silly, but I miss the time where I could keep my boobs inside my shirts and not having to worry about accidentally exposing them while we’re out and about somewhere. Breastfeeding is perfectly natural, but sometimes I miss my boobs being mine.

Even though I’ve listed all these reasons about why I’ve thought about stopping, none of them really scream for that action to be taken. I’ll push through to a year, and probably even shed a couple of tears about this season of my life being over.

Have you ever considered giving up on breastfeeding (besides low milk supply)? What were your reasons?

21 thoughts on “Reasons why I’ve wanted to stop breastfeeding

  1. Hi! I am not a mother, and I don’t know anything at all haha, but I’ll throw in an idea that I’ve seen another mom do. I’m sure you’ve already thought of it, though! Have you tried pumping? Then you can have breast milk “stored” and perhaps your husband could help and feed her, without having to give formula. That might fix the “dont need to juggle baby alone” issue? Unless you are 100% boob-to-mouth, then I totally understand!! πŸ™‚ Stay strong, mama! You can do it.

    1. I do have a breast pump but I’ve only used it a couple of times to increase milk supply (when I was having my 1000’s of doubts :))

      I do however now give her juice and water from the bottle so hubby can help out with that πŸ™‚

  2. Feed on demand they say – whenever she wants, GIVE IT UP, lol. The teeth on boobs was a dealbreaker for me. All the best, you got this. Also, not all babies are chubby; some have a small posture. I think when our babies have small postures we worry that they’re not having enough. Even with formula milk my kid had a small posture versus my cousin’s son was big and cubby but her daughters all had small postures and she breastfed all of them till two years old.

    1. I know, right! So many things to think about (there I go again…), I think I overstress myself about the perfection that I miss the bigger picture; taking each step as it comes and not pressuring myself with comparisons to others πŸ™‚

  3. I know this drill…I homeschool and breastfeed too. The grass is greener, as the saying goes, and there is no one way. Often it seems things might improve if we fast forward weaning. I have thought the same as you…but science kept us going (and the fact that it was going to be much more effort to wean!).

    Science tells us the sleep thing won’t improve with weaning. There is no magic spell for that one! Just keep swimming….

    The wine and sushi…you should be fine to indulge. this is a useful link for alcohol whilst breastfeeding. And why no sushi?

    They can’t suck and bite at the same time!

    Chuckle the timing! Without fail! This too shall pass! I decided to stay with breastfeeding because it would have been more time consuming to try it change.

    Yep..the clothing!

    My youngest is now 2 1/2 and a different set of considerations…but most definitely jugglable by others. It is a precious and fleeting time being Number One!

    What is normal!

    I found a lot of reassurance with my local breastfeeding group (australian breastfeeding association). Does South Africa have something like this?

    1. Hi!

      I’ll double check on the support group, we have a couple to choose from, to be honest.

      I’m afraid of the raw meat… and that’s the part of the sushi I eat so I’d rather stay clear instead of taking a chance. It’s not that serious to not wait a couple of more months!

      A year of breastfeeding will definitely be my “cut off point” so we’ll pass through the weaning stage as the road takes us!

  4. I nursed my first until he was almost 18 months. I definitely agree with you on the teeth – it’s hard to tell a baby not to bite and it can be pretty painful. I did use my pump a lot as I went back to work part-time, so my mom would feed him with what I’d pumped out. There was one little scare we had where I went overnight to Vegas to go see one of my favorite bands. My milk supply seemed to decline for a little bit because it was hard to pump on the road, but then it miraculously came back. So in that respect, it did feel a little limiting for a while, but I don’t think I would change anything, even though I nursed for a lot longer than average!

    1. 18 months is impressive! I’ve thought about continuing past a year, but I don’t think I’ll be able to. Here’s to getting to a year for now πŸ™‚

  5. Hey! I have been feeding my little boy for nearly 5 months. I know where you are coming from I do love feeding him so much I’m dreading having to wean him! You seem to be doing an amazing job! Keep up the good work xx

    1. I’m dreading the one year mark to be honest as it feels like time is passing by so fast, and other days I’m kind of wishing it’s around the corner already πŸ˜‚

  6. From one nursing mama to another… You rock!! Keep going strong you got this. 😊😊😊 I’m six months in with you striving for that one year mark in May. This is round two for me, made it one year with my now three year old and it doesn’t make it any easier! What makes it hard is a three and five year old taking advantage with the baby on the boob…. πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ #6monthstogo

    1. Ash it’s good to know there are others with the same feels!

      Some days are easier than others but I’m not going to let them stop me from achieving that goal! Good luck to you too πŸ˜‰

  7. Your amazing and brilliant post. Even as a Lactation Consultant with each of my children there came a point that I wanted to stop breastfeeding. Each for different reasons but all relating to the points you made. It can be quite hard to juggle reality vs expectations of breastfeeding xx

  8. I am a teacher and am breastfeeding my 4 month old and boy is it hard. Anyone who keeps up with breastfeeding deserves constant props! Juggling my students and pumping is draining and tiring. I just refuse to make the be all end all though, I am going to keep going for a few weeks and if it is still exhausting I might stop.

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