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Review: Naturals Beauty R&R Baby Range

Disclaimer: I received free products in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.

When Monster and Gremlin were born, I wasn’t too focused on natural baby products.

In fact, I hardly saw any at the shops when I stocked up on baby things, except the usual mainstream products. Maybe I didn’t look out for them as much as I stuck to what I was told I should use for my babies by other mamas as well as nurses at the hospital.

Long before thoughts about having a third baby surfaced, a friend of mine gifted me with a pampering surprise from Naturals Beauty, so I was aware of their amazing products. So imagine the happiness I felt when I found out they have a baby and kids range as well.

Even though I forgot a lot about the newborn stage, one thing I did remember was how delicate a baby’s skin is and that you can’t just use ANY products due to the sensitivity. I was clueless when Monster was born, and I paid the price. No matter how much lotion I applied to his skin after his bath, it would dry out within hours again and become flaky. Which resulted in reapplying more lotion to solve a problem that could’ve been avoided had I known of and used natural products specifically designed to soothe and tend to a baby’s sensitive nature.

I received two products from the Naturals Beauty R&R Baby Range and I fell in love with everything about them! Happy baby, happy mama!

The Baby Milk Wash is a gentle, creamy lather wash which is perfect for your little one’s skin. I could easily wash Cay’s face and body, without worrying about losing her skin’s natural balance.

One thing that I loved that it helped with was cradle cap! I never experienced it with the boys so it was a first for me to need to find a solution for it. After applying the milk wash to her hair, I used a soft baby comb to brush the skin flakes away and within a few weeks, her head was cleared of it. It’s a great alternative to other products because it helped me tend to her while she was still in the bath, without needing to use products which required washing her head again later on to remove them (who likes oily hair?).

Another score point is that the wash isn’t heavily scented so your baby isn’t left with an overpowering scent following you around everywhere to go with your baby. I’ve never been a fan of strongly scented products so I was so happy to experience the wash falling into the category!

Price: R90

The Baby Bum Balm is definitely one of my recommendation list baby products. If you’ve ever gone through the experience of your baby having a nappy rash, THIS is the product you wish you could have had!

This ultra-mild balm is specially formulated for your baby’s delicate skin, with extracts of rooibos, aloe, chamomile and calendula. It’s also very rich and thick so I didn’t need to use a lot when I applied it to her rash and it cleared up within a period of 24 hours of using it. Because of it’s texture, I never had to worry about overusing it like you would with other bum creams, and it resulted in a longer lifetime in usage. Also, it’s very lightly scented so you don’t have the overwhelming ‘chemical’ smell when you’re done applying it, and the bum balm formula is paraben-free and petroleum-free, so there are no nasties in the mix to irritate baby’s skin or block the pores.

At one stage, Cay had severe baby acne which I was so worried about applying anything “chemical” to clear it up. Instead I used the bum balm and applied small quantities to her face and within a few days, the acne cleared up without making it worse or leaving her soft skin dried out.

The bum balm is also great to use for eczema, scrapes, scratches and mosquito bites!

Price: R92

I loved using these products with Cay, and I love that they are handcrafted and made with natural ingredients, specifically formulated to protect your baby’s soft skin.

I understand now what the hype is surrounding natural baby products, having seen the amazing results produced using them with Cay, and I’d recommend them to any mama looking to having the best start for her baby’s skin.

You can order the products from the Naturals Beauty website as well as have a look at all the other natural products they have to offer.

If you’ve living in Pretoria, you can contact Jacqui to get all your purchases from her! Visit her Facebook page to get in touch!


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