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Questions to ask kids while reading

From the time I can remember, I have always loved reading.

When I say I love reading, I mean I was the one that spent all my lunch breaks in the school library… Yeah, I was THAT kid and I loved it!

Getting lost in a good book, all the adventures stirring your imagination, it was a fun way to pass time as well as improve my vocabulary.

I really hope to pass on my love for books to my kids. I already have quite a collection of books for them to read one day, and until that day comes around when each of them will read on their own, it’s my job to do it for them.

With Monster’s speech delay, I’ve made it a priority for us to read every day a little extra to help with his speech development and vocabulary and you won’t believe the difference it makes. Thankfully, both boys love reading time and in turn, they are learning and loving books!

Not only is reading to kids an awesome bonding opportunity, but it helps with making those little minds work and think, what are we reading about and why is it so cool! Reading to kids is educational, because even though they might not be able to read on their own yet, you can include them in the process. It doesn’t help to just read the book through once and place it back on the shelf. How will you know if your kid even grasped anything you read? Sure, it’s fun to look at the pictures on the pages, but what are they really understanding when they are looking at them and is that where the ‘explanation’ ends?

There must be more!

When we’re busy reading, I make sure to read through the book a couple of times, following each word with my finger, so that the boys can associate the sound of the word with the visual side of it. We even reenact some of the scenes because it’s fun as well as helps them understand what we are reading about. If your kid doesn’t like sitting still for periods of time, this works well to keep them entertained when reading as well as includes them in the process. Also reenacting a scene shows you if they understand what you’ve been reading to them and what you need to focus on.

Besides the reenacting aspect, there are questions you can ask your kids during and after reading. It helps to keep them focused on the activity; helps them think for themselves and also shows you if they understand what you are reading to them, as well as following instructions.

What questions can you ask, I hear you say? It’s easy to come up with the questions, and it helps if you’ve read the books beforehand so you know what the story is about and how to work it into being educational for your kids, and help them learn without them even realising it.

I’ve put together a list of questions you can ask your kids while reading to help them learn, associate and create a happy habit of reading books and enjoying them!

newproject_2_original (6)

  • Who is that?
  • Why did he/she do that?
  • Where is ……. ?
  • What color is ….. ?
  • What shape is that?
  • Can you find something (colour/shape)?
  • What is he/she doing?
  • What happened?
  • Can you find something starting with the letter .. ?
  • How many …. can you count?
  • What do you like about the book?
  • What don’t you like about the book?
  • How did this make you feel?
  • Why is he/she happy/sad/laughing/crying?
  • Show me what he/she is doing?
  • What have we learned from this story?

These are guideline questions you can use to ask your kids when reading a story to them. Depending on the book you’re reading, your questions might be a little differently phrased.

What questions would you suggest to ask when reading to kids? Share with me in the comments!


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