Currently: October 2018

Hello everyone!

We’re in October! Can you believe it? I almost can’t think that time has been passing so quickly this year and we’re so close to Christmas again. I mean, 85 days left! How even??

September was a rough month for our family. Hubby Byren’s grandfather passed away on the 11th unexpectedly and we flew down to Howick to attend the service. Under the circumstances, it was nice to see the (almost) whole family again as there hadn’t been times before that called for everyone to get together. We also had our first family flying experience, including flying with a baby, which went by with hardly any hiccups.

There were two other deaths of acquaintances we were informed of which occurred before and then after the passing of Hubby Byren’s grandfather, so it’s been an emotional month that I’m happy is now behind us.

One cool thing that did happen was one of our oldest friends came over from America to visit family and friends, and we had him over for dinner one evening and it was great catching up after not seeing each other for two years, and also remembering all the good days, pre-kids era.

October isn’t an exciting month for us, as yet, as there’s nothing immediate happening or planned so I thought I’ll touch base on the smaller details. Also, October stands between my birthday and I, although I’m still contemplating celebrating my new age (it’s going to get ‘worse’ every year now, right?)newproject_2_original (3)

Eating: We’ve been following the Keto diet for the good part of the year. Hubby Byren remarked that we were living a little on the unhealthy side and it needed to change. Ever since we’ve moved over to our new way of eating, I can definitely see a few changes health-wise. Things like energy boosts, appetite control and weight control are some of highlighted benefits. It also encourages healthy eating with the kids, and they have come to love lots of vegetables we never ate before. We don’t follow the diet like saints as they kids still need all the food groups, but managing it is easy to make sure we all stay healthy. I’ve had a lot of people judging us for following the Keto diet, but it doesn’t phase me anymore. What matters is that my family eats healthy, and if that involves different delish veggies, then so be it!

Planning: Last month, I finally updated my logo and this month I’m going to redesign the rest of the blog, which I’m so excited to do and really make my own!

Improving: Monster has been having speech therapy since the beginning of the year and I can’t even begin to tell you how much his speech has improved. From babbling and saying words out of context to speaking in full (almost perfect) sentences and having short, understandable conversations. I touched base about his speech delay many moons ago and even though he’s ready to go to Grade One in many other aspects, he’s not ready because of the speech delay so next year we’ll be repeating Grade R with the focus of getting his speech up to standard.

Enjoying: We’re taking the first week of October off to rest up a little from homeschool and routine. I know a couple of you have asked if we’re still homeschooling… The answer is yes, I just haven’t been taking many photos (or any) because there’s a baby in one arm to juggle and attention to be given to the boys. The multitasking hasn’t settled in yet with holding my phone up to ‘capture the moments’.

Watching: I’ve become slightly obsessed with the show ‘House’ which I can’t believe I’ve never watched before! I’m not a fan of medical dramas but this show isn’t your average show and Hugh Laurie’s character is awesome! We’re streaming it on Amazon Prime which has all the seasons. If you’re a fan of the show ‘Vikings‘, there’s a spin-off show ‘Norsemen‘ on Netflix. I’m not going to lie, it’s not as good, and it’s not as serious, and it’s not my favourite show, but if you want to watch something mind numbing, that’s the show for you. What I do like about it is that all the actors are from Norway so there’s no faking of accents, which makes it a little more realistic to the story-line.

Reading: I’ve been slacking on the reading front a little, I didn’t open a book last month at all. So this month, I really want to allocate some reading time for myself, because of my reading challenge, as well as I miss it! I reread the Divergent series, the first book earlier this year and this month I want to reread the other two books, Insurgent and Allegient. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has been collecting dust on my bookshelf for almost two years and I’ve been putting it off because of the way it’s written, in a play form, but I really want to read it… Will I take the plunge finally??

What does your October look like?

4 thoughts on “Currently: October 2018

  1. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is excellent. I was also scared of the way it was written but you soon get into the groove of it and reading it that way becomes natural. I read through it really quickly. You will enjoy it, if you get the time šŸ™‚

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