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Nappy bag essentials: 0-6 months

I’ve had the experience of packing a nappy bag for three kids now, and each time, I either added something new or taken something away that I didn’t need.

With each kiddo, I’ve discovered new products on the market that have been an additional to my nappy bags and it turned out to be great choices of purchase as I ended up using those products more than I thought I would. Once thing I realised very quickly that as soon as the boys grew out of a stage, I needed to remove some things and add others to accommodate the new stage. So I thought I’d break the packing process down for you to make for easier packing!

A nappy bag is such a wonderful thing because you can pack everything you need for your baby for your outing, as well as store your own things in it so you’re not carrying around too many bags while still juggling a baby (and older kids, in my case).

As I mentioned in a previous post, I switched to a backpack nappy bag for a couple of reasons and I’ve loved my decision every step of the way. I’ve got two bags currently, in case of laundry days, but also for the different outings we have. If I know I’ll be out for a long period of time, I don’t pack any many items of certain things with my pink nappy bag as I would with the olive one.

What I love about my olive nappy bag, from Beba Mour is that it has loads of divisions. I mean, eight divisions on the inside, excluding the wide cavity in the middle of the bag, three on the front and a division on the back of the bag to store the changing pad. If that doesn’t make a nappy bag convenient, I don’t know what does. Also it’s so easy to keep it clean by just easily wiping it down. I received this bag as I gift and I’m so grateful for it! I used this nappy bag with our recent trip with the kids. With all the compartments, it was easy to get everything packed without needing to dig around, trying to find things I need.

These are my nappy bag essentials for a baby aged 0-6 months.

newproject_2_original (5)


This is kind of obvious to have in your nappy bag.

I follow the “pack a nappy for each hour you’ll be out, and just a couple more, just in case” as you never know how your baby’s day will go, so better be prepared. My go-to is usually 4-6 nappies to start with.

Wet Wipes

I use quite a bit of wet wipes on a normal day, because they can be used for so many other reasons so I make sure I have enough with me with every outing we take.

Bum Cream

I prefer using a tube bum cream for my nappy bag as it’s easy to use and doesn’t take up so much space! The Dove Bum Cream tube is small and easy to store in one of the compartments for quick access.

Nappy Bags

Nappy bags are so important; poop nappies stink and if you have a situation where you can’t throw it away and need to store it in your nappy bag until you have the opportunity, nappy bags are super handy! I love my Grobaby’s Knot-a-Bag and believe it to be one of the best inventions ever for mamas. Plus, it has so many more uses than just storing nappies.

Changing Mat

Changing mats might seem like extra “baggage” to carry around but I find them to be one of the biggest essentials. They create a sanitizing space to change your baby and give you peace of mind… because not all baby public changing facilities are hygienic, and you know, germs! Although my nappy bag came with a changing mat, I prefer using my own from Snuggletime that I received as a gift, because it’s bigger in size and the print on it is so gorgeous!


Always, ALWAYS, carry extra clothes for your baby! Not one outfit, but two. You never expect nappy leaks or spit ups and once you’ve used the spare you brought with, and there’s a situation where you need clean clothes again, you’re stuck with leaving your baby in just their nappy. I always back two outfits just in case, for any accidents as well as unexpected weather changes.

Burp cloths

I’ve left home once without one, ONCE and that was the day one of the boys decided to spit up half of the formula on me, and it was everywhere, and I didn’t have anything to clean up with. I’ve never made the same mistake again. Even if your baby has minimal spit up, it’s just safer to have one with you. As they are small, they fold easily and don’t take up much space in the bag.


I always have a muslin blanket with me in case of weather changes and also for covering up while breastfeeding. I love my two blankets from BabyWombWorld, they are made from the softest material and help regular your baby’s body temperature when swaddled! I switch between the two with our outings, which I use as a breastfeeding cover or covering Cay up in her car seat or pram.

Baby Toy

While a newborn might not need a toy yet, I started packing in a small toy for Cay from about three months when she started showing interest in reaching for things around her. Having something with you helps keep your baby occupied for small time frames.

Bottles and formula

If your baby is bottle-fed, make sure to pack in enough formula for the day or expressed milk. Most nappy bags have a builtin bottle insulator for storage which helps with storing the bottles and keeping milk at the right temperature. In my case, I use it for other things.


The “other things” I’m referring to are: baby lotion, dummy sterilising spray, teething gel and hand sanitizer.

My things

Instead of having to carry around all my things in a separate bag, I pack everything I need into the nappy bag. When you have a baby and two older kids with you, less bags goes a long way!

Share with me what’s in your bag that I don’t have in mine?

5 thoughts on “Nappy bag essentials: 0-6 months

  1. Thanks for the info! I had all of this covered but was unsure of the amount of nappies and extra clothes. I’m so excited for our newborn to arrive, I’ve probably repacked this nappy bag about 10 times!

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