Reasons you should have a maternity shoot

A maternity shoot is one of the best ways to document a part of your pregnancy.

Sure, you’ve maybe taken plenty of photos of your belly throughout your pregnancy, but nothing compares to professional standards.

When I was pregnant with Monster, I knew that I wanted to have a maternity shoot. I didn’t really put much research into exactly how I wanted the shoot done but I knew that I wanted to show my bump off and have beautiful photos to cherish.

We went with the same photographer when I was pregnant with Gremlin, and almost ended up not having one as we kept moving it on because Hubby Byren kept getting injured while playing rugby and I didn’t want him showing off his bruised eye on the photos.

When it came around to my pregnancy with Cay, the photographer we used with the boys’ maternity shoots had relocated and I was stuck in a little bit of a dilemma as I didn’t know anyone else with good references.

Until I remembered the photographer that was at my sister-in-law, Ellene’s, wedding and the amazing photos Lynette captured on their day. Once we had spoken a little, she researched locations around Gauteng to fit the theme I had in mind, and once I was happy with one, she booked it. When we met on the day, I couldn’t believe how chilled out she was. Joking around, interacting with the boys, even making Hubby Byren feel comfortable to be in front of the camera (he doesn’t like photos). The location she suggested, The Hertford Country Hotel, was so beautiful and completely in tune with the theme I had in mind. Lynette also took care of all the additional items we used for the shoot, and it was a relief to have everything planned out perfectly.

We had an amazing day doing the shoot and I wore a dress from Silver Swallow Design. When I went for the fitting, I tried other gorgeous dresses on as well but this beautiful one I wore stood out to me the most, and once I saw myself in the mirror, I knew immediately, this is the one!


If you’re wondering if you should have a maternity shoot or not, this post is here to fill in that gap of thought for you.



You’ll never be pregnant with the same child again, and you’ll look different with your next pregnancy, if you decide to have more kids. It’s a great way of creating memories to one day look back on. A professional shoot also beats also those selfie belly pictures because you don’t need to worry about taking 50 photos of one pose to choose the best one.

Fun with family

It’s a great way to include your older kids in your pregnancy by having them participate in the shoot. Monster was all in with the posing and smiling for the camera, while Gremlin played it cool and turned on his mood switch. Still, it was great to have them part of the shoot and, indirectly, getting a few family photos done.29541888_1916673248344983_2027594794144592596_n.jpg

It’s not as expensive as everyone thinks

I know that when people hear professional shoot, they immediately think it’s going to be expensive. It’s really not. I’ve found that newborn shoots are a little more pricey than maternity ones. Some are stuck deciding which one to do because of budgets. I’ve always chosen to do maternity shoots as I knew I’d be taking a lot of newborn photos myself once my babies were born. While newborn shoots are adorable, I’ve always found more value with the maternity ones.

Not all the photos are posed

That’s one of the things that I loved about the maternity shoots. You would think that each photo is posed for, but while you’re not looking, the photographer is snapping up some beautiful and natural photos of you. And when you receive your album, it’s a wonderful surprise to see photos you didn’t even know were taken of you.

Great way to include your husband in your pregnancy

Even if your husband doesn’t like photos, it’s a great way to bond with each other and have some beautiful photos of both of you as you celebrate a new baby joining your family.

You are beautiful

While you might not think that much of it when you’re in your third trimester, you are! Maternity shoots are a fun way to show off your bump and they capture the essence of your pregnancy. When I stood there, having my photos taken, with my belly all over the show, I never felt the need to hide away or show less of it. I wanted to show it off more than ever. 29513050_1916673675011607_5303136192413684384_n.jpg

Don’t wait too long into your pregnancy to have your maternity shoot. I had all three of mine around 35/36 weeks and it was quite a stress because I was afraid I might go into labor earlier and not have the opportunity to do the shoots. Ideally, choosing to have the shoot is between 33 and 35 weeks so don’t wait too long! I waited a little longer because I was waiting for my belly to ‘pop’ to properly showcase it on the photos.

Remember, once the opportunity is gone, it’s gone so don’t wait too long to do your own maternity shoot. 

A special thanks to:

*Lynette from Lynette van der Bijl Photography for the amazing photos of my maternity shoot and for everything you did to make the day possible and beautiful.

See her work on her Facebook page as well.

*Jana Meintjes from Silver Swallow Design for sponsoring the stunning dress for my shoot and making me feel beautiful on the day.

If you’re interested in more of her designs, please visit Denize Xenia.

*The Hertford Country Hotel for allowing us to take photos there and making the day perfect with your gorgeous venue.

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