As a stay at home mama, Mondays still suck

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who looked forward to Monday coming around.

The work week is long, the weekend is short and before you know it, it’s back to the office.

When I was still working full-time, I dreaded Monday coming around. Leaving behind the warmth and freedom of your home, and stepping into the rushing around, time limited week, trying to balance work and family life to the best of your abilities.

I hated it.

I hated getting up earlier than everyone else to make sure I was ready for the day before the kids were up (Monster and Gremlin at that stage). Then it was the rushing around, through the tears and screaming, making sure everything was ready for school (back then I never planned ahead as I always managed to forget things so I did everything on the day). Mondays were the worst days of the week. The boys slept later on weekends so waking them up earlier meant grumpy little humans who didn’t want to work with you. Then there was the panic of being late for work because nothing was going to plan. There were the small arguments that broke out between Hubby Byren and I because of running late and frustration building up.

Sounds familiar, right?

Now that I’m a stay at home mama, things aren’t all that different. Minus the rush of needing to get everyone ready by a certain time in the mornings to leave home.

I know, how can Mondays be hard for a stay at home mama? Easy… With a situation change, it means there are new challenges to face.

I know what it’s like to be on both ends of the rope so comparing the experience is easy. While there are certain similarities, there are many differences as well.

There was even a perk to being a working mama. I had eight hours to be kid-free. When you’re a stay at home mama, you don’t get that. You’re always with your kids and you wish you could just escape for a little bit, to get your head cleared out and do something for yourself in peace, like eat on time during lunch and go to the toilet without the door being broken down. Guys, it’s the little things you miss.

So how can Mondays still suck when you’re a stay at home mama? 

newproject_2_original (4)

Human alarm clocks

The boys went from not wanting to wake up early in the mornings, to waking up as early as 05H00 some mornings. I really hoped that their rebellious streak would continue when I became a stay at home mama so I could get in a little extra sleep but it never happened that way. The culprit being Gremlin, who seems to have a passionate hatred for sleeping late, which he uses to wake everyone else up.

To-do list never goes to plan because tiny humans rule me

I’ll have a worked out schedule of things I need to achieve from Monday until the end of the week, and I never get through it, because with kids, things don’t always go to plan. So my tasks get moved on to other days because it’s just impossible to get to each thing. I’ve even tried not over-complicating my Mondays because my biggest issue is getting the boys back into routine after the weekend which results in fighting against school work, which takes a chunk out of our time.

Lack of adult conversations

Mondays mean I’m cut off from the adult world again. Fridays are our days of leaving home which I look forward to. While Monster attends his speech therapy classes, I get to have a cup of coffee and socialize with other mamas. Up until then, my lack of adult conversations is limited to almost zero. Sure, there’s Hubby Byren, but I’m talking about the rest of the world here.

I’m alone at home

Hubby Byren was home all weekend so we could split the parenting responsibilities, giving me some breathing space as well as giving me company. Two days at home with him never seems like enough and come Sunday evening, I dread him going back to work the next morning.

All the good food is finished

A strange thing to consider for hating Mondays. Saturdays are my days to do grocery runs for the coming week, and by the time Monday comes around, most of the yummy snacks are finished (three males in the house) so when I think of finding something to snack on, that I know I bought two days ago and then can’t find, it brings my mood down a little.

I’m not allowed to complain about Mondays or anything else

As a stay at home mama, I’m not allowed to complain about my life. If you’re able to stay at home, and not work, your life is probably not that hard because you don’t have work stress and so forth. Truth is, I am allowed to complain. Just because I don’t work anymore, doesn’t mean my current lifestyle isn’t hard. I have to deal with screaming kids, a house that never manages to stay clean for longer than an hour, constant demands of some nature and not having a single moment of having a quiet moment of peace. It might seem like a dream to those who work, but I’ve been on both sides; neither is easy. I complained when I was working, so it’s only natural to find complaints now.

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