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Why I looked forward to my post delivery hospital stay

I know what you’re thinking… How can anyone really look forward to staying at a hospital, right?

Well, take into account my life. Being a stay at home mama has it’s perks and benefits.. Yes, I get to spend every day with my kids, watch them grow and teach them. But at the same time, it isolates me a little from the outside world.

Every day of my working life, I was surrounded by adults, some sort of free time during the course of the day. I kind of miss that. The outside world, being connected to others.

Sure, I can have that now too in some sense except that it’s hard to find time to meet and speak to others outside of home. Our days at home never really go to schedule and it’s crazy some days; just depends on the day.

So yeah, I was looking forward to being away from home for a few days just to have some peace and quiet. How can one have peace and quiet at a hospital? If you have more than one kid, you look forward to these kind of things. I was going to the hospital to have a baby so I was excited but I was also looking forward to the later stages of my stay. I know some of the reasons I mention might make me sound selfish, but when you’re looking for a break, even when you’re staying at the hospital, anything will do!

Here are the reasons I looked forward to my post delivery hospital stay.


Meeting my baby and having one on one bonding time

I was looking forward to having one on one time to bond with Cay before heading home to the craze. The same feelings were around when I was in hospital with Gremlin. Having that one on one with Cay was so important to me, because I knew that once I was back home, even though she would take first priority based on her needs, I wouldn’t have much one on one with the two boys running around, and also needing me for their needs. It was a relief to have less responsibilities; less kids to worry about and give my attention to. I love my boys but I was looking forward to the break.

Room service

If I get one evening off to not do any cooking, it’s a celebration for me. As Hubby Byren sometimes works late hours, I do all the cooking during the week, and even if he doesn’t, I start cooking long before he’s home so that once everyone is home, we can sit down together for dinner. I love cooking for my family, but it gets tedious on some days and I wish I had a machine that just popped out food on request (think “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs). My hospital stay meant ROOM SERVICE! I didn’t have to worry about preparing food. I had the choice of what I wanted to eat. I could also order anything I needed from the cafe with it brought to the room for me. I mean, why wouldn’t I look forward to this?

My own bed

Strange thing to look forward to when you’re married, I’m sure. It was nice to sleep on my own without a leg kicking me in the middle of the night or an arm curling over me and moving me around, waking me and then staying awake for a while before managing to fall asleep again. Also, no kids waking up during the night to climb into the bed, sleeping soundly while I got to wake up the next morning with a neck cramp.


Immediate assistance for all your needs at the touch of a button. Although I didn’t call them into my room often, only when I really needed something, it was nice to be taken care of, and ask any stupid questions with confidence. Also having adult conversations for a few days on end was awesome. Even though we mostly spoke about kids because that’s how far my conversation topics currently go.

Bath in peace

Do you know how amazing it was to be able to take a bath in the middle of the day without kids trying to break the door open? Not because they need something or there’s an emergency of some sort. No, it’s just because kids are kids and they do things that don’t always make sense. Taking a bath in peace with no one around was awesome, and being back home again, I’ve been missing it a lot.

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8 thoughts on “Why I looked forward to my post delivery hospital stay

  1. I’m pregnant with #2 now and I’ve been following your blog for a while.
    I only read that you’re from Pretoria now, once I saw that hospital room… It looks identical to mine, so I had to check where you’re from haha. I also live in Pretoria. I think that might be the same hospital! (Won’t mention it here, but my hospital starts with a W in a main road in the East…?)
    Have a good day!

  2. And I know you are in my town 🙂

    Only reason I wanted to go home was the constant waking up to check vitals and take medicine every 2-3 hours

    But yes with two babies at home I can imagine you were happy to enjoy some one on one time with new baby and some alone time before heading home

  3. I had to LOL. This…SO MUCH, this! I completely agree! I have to say other than the one on one bonding time, room service was my favorite! Even if the food was mediocre, I didn’t have to plan it, shop for it, prepare it, or cook it!

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