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Why I switched to a backpack nappy bag and never looked back

When I found out I was pregnant again, I knew life was going to get a lot more hectic.

I mean, three kids ain’t no joke… Five months into life prices that judging multiple kids is difficult, and joyful at the same time.

While I was still carrying Cay, I looked for ways to make my life easier when she was here. There are many ways to prepare things, and many things to prepare.

There were the usual ideas of preparing the boys for a new baby on the way, making sure that rooms were rearranged, as well as furniture, to make it a little more peaceful at home before Cay’s arrival.

Other options I needed to look out for was leaving home and how to handle it alone with three kids. While I don’t leave home often, I still needed to be set for the days we were out and about, and I wanted to be prepared. A few months prior to Cay’s birth, I saw a fellow mama using a backpack nappy bag and it intrigued me as it was the first time I saw an alternative to the usual “on the shoulder” nappy bags.

You don’t usually find backpack nappy bags in stores because they aren’t as popular but as time went on, I started noticing them more and more.

The idea of using a backpack nappy bag became very appealing because of the benefits.

Which is what I wanted to share. I own two backpack nappy bags (in case of laundry days) and I haven’t even thought of switching it up (or back) to using a standard nappy bag.

And here’s why I switched and never looked back!img_0706

Free hands and even weight

Not having to carry a nappy bag on my shoulder (they can get pretty heavy with everything you need to pack), helps with taking off the stress on my shoulders by carrying it on my back. Also it keeps my hands open to attend to other aspects; the boys have my attention as well as I can multitask if we’re shopping or running other errands.

Everything fits in it

Maybe it’s skill or maybe it’s the space but I can fit everything I need to take with me for Cay inside it comfortably. It also has plenty of compartments for all the small things for easier finding when you need them.

Unisex for the user

While the backpack on the photo is pink, I have another one that is olive in color and not as overwhelming for Hubby Byren if we’re out together and he needs to carry it for me. It doesn’t look like a woman’s bag so it’s less attention drawing for dads to use.

Do you use a backpack nappy bag? What do you love most about it?

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