Currently: September 2018

Ahh hello, beautiful September!

I can’t say it enough, but I’m so happy winter is finally behind us! No more freezing my bones off at all hours of the day and night, no more dreading drinking cold water and no more freezing baby hands during the night when it’s time for the next feed!

For a week of two now, I’ve been seeing the signs of spring being here already; the sun rising earlier, the birds chirping, a couple of hadeda’s crash landing on our roof and the leaves and flowers popping up all over the garden. One of our neighbors has a beautiful Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow tree growing right next to our bondary wall. Every time I step outside, the smell of those flowers hits me immediately and it’s like you can feel spring embracing you!

So a new month means the latest update on life in our home.

Finding. I still haven’t finished decluttering (remember I mentioned something about a 10 week challenge). I swear my word for the month should be time because I never seem to have enough of it to get around to doing many things. So this month I’m really going to try a little harder on the decluttering situation and finish simplifying my home once and for all.

Moving. This month Cay needs to move to her room. I’ve been delaying it quite a bit now because it’s just easier with breastfeeding her during the night. Hubby Byren has been putting some pressure on me about it as we moved the boys to their room when they were three months old, which was okay then.. The rooms were right next to ours and they were already bottle fed so it wasn’t much of a sleep deprived time for me. The kids’ rooms are on the other side of our house so I’m a little anxious about having her so far from me at such a young age during the night.

Watching. So last month Hubby Byren and I finished two series, Friends and The Grand Tour. I’ve never watched Friends before and enjoyed it quite a bit although it left me a little disappointed in other shows I’ve watched and loved, who used the same ideas for their own shows. We’re waiting for the next season of The Grand Tour so we’ve chosen to watch other shows in the meantime. You might have noticed the polls I ran across my social media accounts asking which is better: Frasier or Parks and Recreation. The results were inconclusive when I added the results together so we decided to watch both. However, Hubby Byren made the mistake of showing me one episode of House and that’s all I want to watch now! I can’t believe I haven’t watched it earlier. A medical drama that doesn’t leave me falling asleep within the first few minutes. Also Amazon Prime has just launched Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series and I can’t wait to start watching it.

Reading. I’ve been skipping up on reading for a while now because of other priorities so this month I’m going to try very hard to change that. I have three books to finish this month, Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne, Street Kid by Judy Westwater and Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

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