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Things I’d trade for a couple of hours of sleep

Life as a mama comes with its challenges, and one of the biggest ones I’ve had to face is the lack of sleep.

You’d think that over the years I’d be used to the couple of hours I get each night to sleep. There have been a few nights that I can remember that I did get more than six hours of unbroken sleep over the years of being a mama, a few anniversary nights, where we didn’t have the boys with us, which were awesome (who complains about getting enough hours to sleep, right?)

Both boys started sleeping through at around the age of three which is great, under circumstances. However, just as Monster started sleeping through, Gremlin was born. And just as Gremlin started sleeping through, Cay was born.

Now I can’t complain about Cay’s sleeping situation currently (in case it changes). Almost from the beginning, she’s been the best sleeper out of all the kids. One of the things I was dreading about breastfeeding was the short time frames of sleep between feeds and I worried about how much sleep I would actually be getting out of them.

Cay has a good six hour stretch before her next feed and then another three hour stretch before she’s up for the day. She’s been sleeping as such for the last month now and I really hope it doesn’t change because it means I get extra sleep in that I didn’t have when the boys were this age. With them I was up every two to three hours, and add to that that I was still a working mama, I was exhausted all the time.

Which doesn’t mean I’m not exhausted now, being a start at home mama and having one baby who has been sleeping well since almost day one, and two older kids who sleep through the night.

Recently, Gremlin has been waking at different times during the night. Which sometimes means he cries during the night for someone to come get him, except that he doesn’t want to leave his bed. So it turns into an up and down journey from our room to the boys room a couple of times a night. By the time that he is finally fast asleep, and I fall back into bed to get some shut eye, Cay wakes up for her feed. Other times, he’ll walk crying, half asleep to our room and climbs into bed with us to sleep further, only to wake Cay up, and in worse cases, wake Monster up as well.
The bottom line is, while Cay sleeps well, and so does Monster (he hardly ever wakes up during the night unless it’s an emergency of some sort), Gremlin throws my sleep off completely three to four times a week.

That’s one drawback of being a stay at home mama, you don’t have free time, and you can’t just take a nap because you’re so exhausted, you’ll probably fall asleep on the couch if you sit down for too long. No no, that’s not how it works. There are days where I wish I could just ship the kids to school for a day so I could just get a couple of hours of sleep to regenerate some energy to see myself through the day in higher spirits.

While that’s not possible, I came up with a wish list of things I would trade for a couple of hours of sleep.


It’s one of my favorite past times when I have the time and I would gladly give it up for a month.


It’s a huge factor in my day and I’d trade it easily for a month (although I’d most probably replace it with coffee so I can function during the day).


How important are my favorite movies and series really, and how easy would it be to live without them for a month?


If you know how much I love chocolate, you’ll know that a month without it would be a big sacrifice.


Hats and dry shampoo for a month, people. It’s doable!!


A month without it won’t kill us?


I listen to music every day so a week without it would be torturous.

Social Media

How much can really change online if I switch off for a week?


I hardly see people anyway since staying at home so an indefinite time frame won’t make a difference.


A day… Because I’m not crazy.

What would you trade for a couple of hours of sleep?

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