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Currently: August 2018

Hello August!

And hello to you all too!

I’m excited, I mean really excited about August!! What’s so special about this month? Well, nothing really except that it’s the last month of winter!

I’m not built for the cold, and don’t do well with winter time so I never look forward to it. Spring and summer are a whole different story and I can’t wait for sunny days, rain and flowers blooming everywhere! Ironic that I come from a cold country but can’t deal with cold weather? I don’t have an explanation for that…

So July passed by with few hiccups except that I’m still struggling to find the time and energy to give this space some proper attention. I know you’re thinking how is that possible as I’m at home every day. Well, three kids, homeschool and housework isn’t a two hour job, and by nighttime, I’m just too tired to think of anything but sleep or some light reading.

July saw us celebrating Monster’s sixth birthday! Shock, really! I know that he’s grown up over the years but it’s still hard to accept that my big baby isn’t as little anymore. We celebrated at home with pizza and cake, and now there’s a dinosaur invasion happening in our home every day (birthday present win!!).

How’s August looking? There are a couple of things in line to mention so here goes!

Feeling. Recently I heard some awesome news about a friend who I haven’t spoken to in a very long time due to a fallout. I tried to reach out to congratulate and hopefully send a present to her from our family but unfortunately it wasn’t received as well as I had hoped. Still, I feel like I tried from my side and sometimes that’s all you can do. However, this left me feeling nostalgic, remembering the good times and even wishing that things didn’t end the way they did. At the end of the day, life goes on and I need to find a way to work around these feelings of lost time and a life path that is different from what I always thought it would be.

Watching. So I’m a total fan of Top Gear, and like many, I was sad to see it fall apart and be presented by someone new (which makes the whole show boring IMO). So when we started watching Amazon Prime, I was so happy to see the new show with the old presenters, The Grand Tour! It’s so much better, it’s funnier, more relaxed, and while it’s still about cars (obvs!), I like watching all the episodes and not just the parts where they travel to other countries to carry out tasks! Also on the watchlist on Prime is The Amazing Race! All the seasons! I used to watch the show on TV and hated having to wait a week for the next episode. Now I have it all, and if I feel like binge watching – I can!!

Craving. This is actually one that should be highlighted each month, but you’ll get tired of me repeating it all the time so here it is once off! SUSHI! I haven’t had sushi in over a year, as its close to this time last year I found out I was pregnant with Cay. For someone who has sushi almost every month, it’s hard not to crave it almost every day. Now I know a couple of people have said it’s safe to eat in small quantities while breastfeeding, but I’m just too scared to take the chance. Eight more months to go!

Starting. So in last months currently I mentioned that I want to start a deck uttering program and I’ve worked it out . It will take me 10 weeks to finish my whole house. Why so long?  Well, besides that I need to still attend to other every day things so the decluttering needs to be squished into that. On the other hand, I’m looking forward to living a little more minimalistic. Now I just need to sort out the schedule and it’s happening!

Redesigning. I’m excited to share that my blog will be sporting a new logo soon. The current one obviously needs an update with Cay in the picture so I’m looking at changing it up this month somethings. Also the “About ” page will get an update and I’ll share it as soon as that’s done.

Listening. If you’re a fan of Netflix like us, you’ve probably seen the movie Bright suggested to you to watch. The soundtrack is AMAZING and it’s all I’ve been listening to lately so if you’ve watched the movie, the soundtrack is just as good!

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