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My 101 Things in 1001 Days

One thing I’m actually good at doing is creating lists. loads and loads of lists. The problem with that? I suck at keeping to them.

I often get an urge of inspiration and I write down goals and aspirations that I want to achieve… and I never get around to completing any of them.

I have kind of figured out what I’m doing wrong, why I can never keep up with any of my goals, and why I keep letting myself down.
So when I came across the the Day Zero Project, naturally I was curious. If you’ve never heard of them (like me), you should really go check it out for yourself!
So I finally found a system I can use to make sure that I WILL complete my own list of goals, and with a reasonable time frame, it’s all the more possible!
If you want to start your own but not sure when your END date will be, you can click here to work it out.
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I’ve divided the goal into specific categories so I can focus on each item on the list with proper effort.
I’ll be tracking my progress on Instragram with the #amb101things so if you’re not following me there yet, now is a good time to start 🙂
So without any further delays, here’s my list.

Start Date: 06 July 2018
End Date: 02 April 2021
1. Come up with 101 things
2. Inspire someone to make their own list
3. Celebrate completing this list
4. Create a new list when I’ve completed this one
5. Host a ladies’ day/night
6. Go to a ladies’ day/night
7. Coffee date with each of my sisters in law (0/2)
8. Fix an old relationship
9. Host a sushi night with friends
10. Go on/have 10 date nights with Hubby Byren (0/10)
11. Have a picnic
12. Have a Superhero themed family photoshoot
13. Go to the zoo
14. Send Hubby Byren a surprise at work
15. Start a family tradition
16. Start a Christmas family tradition
17. Breastfeed for six months
18. Breastfeed for a year
19. Teach Monster to ride a bicycle
20. Teach Gremlin to ride a bicycle
21. Build Cay a doll house
22. Go on a family roadtrip
23. Go camping
24. Go on a family beach vacation
25. Run a 5k marathon
26. Be able to do 10 push-ups in a row
27. Be able to do 10 sit-ups in a row
28. Exercise three times a week for a month
29. Keep up with laundry for a week
30. Keep up with laundry for a month
31. Complete a declutter challenge
32. Purchase a dining room table
33. Sort out my bookshelf
34. Start a herb garden
35. Finish the living room photo wall collage
36. Go ice-skating
37. See the All Blacks play live
38. Learn basic German
39. Watch 20 documentaries (0/20)
40. Purchase 10 books from my wishlist (0/10)
41. Complete a colouring in book
42. Go to a music festival
43. Reread all the Harry Potter books
44. Complete a 30 Day Challenge
45. Read 100 books (0/100)
46. Attend a trivia night
47. Rewatch all the Fast and Furious movies
48. Watch all the Marvel movies in the correct order
49. Attend a cooking class
50. Watch 10 classic movies (0/10)
51. Complete five DIY projects (0/5)
52. Attend a dress-up party
53. Host a 30th themed birthday party
54. Watch 10 movies from my birth year (0/10)
55. Give 10 “just because” gifts (0/10)
56. Watch movies I’ve never seen before starting with each letter of the alphabet (0/26)
57. Watch the sunrise and sunset on the same day
58. Have a wine and cheese evening
59. Watch a live comedy show
60. Volunteer at a shelter
61. Do the colour run
62. Bullet Journal for a year
63. Paint something I’m proud of
64. Complete a Bible study series
65. Find an ideal skincare routine
66. Learn to tie a tie
67. Learn to sew on a button
68. Not dress like a hobo for a month
69. Take a photo a day for six months
70. Put R10 aside for each completed goal/item
71. Get a tattoo
72. Have a boudoir photoshoot
73. Have a spa day
74. Get a manicure
75. Donate blood
76. Find the perfect pair of jeans
77. Find the perfect shade of lipstick
78. Learn how to contour
79. Colour my hair black and turquise
80. Get a bikini wax
81. Eat no junk food for a month
82. Grow out my hair
83. Buy myself flowers every three months for a year
84. Complete a 30 Day Gratitude Journal
85. Learn self-defense
86. Go a week without swearing
87. Go a month without swearing
88. Get my citizenship
89. Feature in a magazine
90. Spend a weekend unplugged
91. Get professional headshots done
92. Create realistic blog plan
93. Meet five bloggers in real life
94. Attend a photography class
95. Redesign my blog
96. Go to five blogger meet ups
97. Set up a newsletter service
98. Start a new blog series
99. Try vlogging
100. Unsubscribe from spam emails
101. Publish new posts three times a week for a month
Do you have your own list? Or looking for inspiration? Pin this post for ideas!
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12 thoughts on “My 101 Things in 1001 Days

  1. Wow, what a list! But still seems doable. I love making lists and then lists for my lists. Just to break it down into smaller versions! 1001 days…didn’t think of it that way

    1. Yep, I’ve done that as well! Then felt annoyed with myself for not even being able to complete the smaller lists 😕
      Let’s hope this plan works out better!

  2. In a way I’m the same but I get the job done when I have a date. I work better under pressure but more importantly I get annoyed finishing something months in advance because I’m likely to change my mind. This irritates me a little but hey no one is perfect! I’m going to check this out! ❤️

    1. I hope that having this deadline will actually push me forward to complete the list and not sit around, waiting for something to happen for me to get a move on!

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