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Currently: July 2018


Hello everyone!

I know this little space on the internet has been dead quiet for a few months, and honestly, it’s been good to take a break.

Well, it wasn’t a planned break really.. I just didn’t have the time to get around to writing much in the last two months. I thought I’d be able to jump back in after a few weeks and get into the full swing of things but obviously that wan’t the case.

What’s been happening? What’s new?

June was quite a crazy month for us, and I was planning on returning to the blogging world then, yet nothing happening.

Hubby Byren had to take a sudden business trip to France for 10 days, and it was a hectic week preparing for it, and making sure everything was in order. While the few days alone weren’t as hectic as I expected them to be, the nights were the longest as I had to adjust to sleeping alone. While he was there on business, he did manage to do some sightseeing over the weekend there and I was drooling with jealousy as I received all the photos and videos! One day, I hope to go there as well to experience it all for myself.

June also saw us celebrating Gremlin’s third birthday! Wow, I can’t believe how big he’s getting already. It feels like yesterday that he was still a tiny baby in my arms; not running around and talking our ears off!

And now we’re in July! Half of the year has gone by already and we’re a few months closer to Christmas again. What’s happening in July for us?

Celebrating: Monster is turning six at the end of the month!! I told myself, it’s normal… Kids grow up and that’s the way life works but something inside me just can’t accept it… I can feel the tugging on my heart, realising he’s far from being a baby anymore.

Playing: Speaking of our Monster, he’s started playing Bulletjie Rugby at the club where Hubby Byren plays! He’s been to a few practice sessions and we’re waiting to hear when he’ll be playing his first game. While most of our friends are having their first babies now, our first baby is starting club sports. The perspective is insane, and once again, a reminder of him growing up.

Planning: I’m finally back in the Bullet Journal swing of things, and all I can say is I’ve missed the planning a lot! I don’t have a lot of time to be overly creative still, but I’m relieved that my journal isn’t collecting dust anymore.

Sorting: At the end of the month, I’m going declutter my house little by little, and anything is going; from unused kitchen items, to toys, to clothing clutter! I’ve come to the conclusion that clutter makes me lazy AND has all the help in not keeping my house in order!

There’s nothing more at the moment that I can recall happening this month, and if anything else pops up, I’ll share on my social channels.

How’s your July looking?

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