Currently: April 2018

SPRINGTIMEInitially I was planning on doing the currently post for April at the beginning of the month, talking about how in a couple of days we’d be meeting our daughter and how things were about to get crazier in our home.

Of course, that didn’t happen because Cay was born a couple of days earlier, on the 26th of March. The day didn’t go at all to how we thought it would’ve and instead of having a Cesarean again, I had to give birth naturally as my labor progressed very quickly. I’ll share the events of the day when Cay’s birth story is published on my blog.

It’s been two weeks since Cay’s birth and things are going pretty okay (so far). She’s such an angel, guys! Compared to the boys at this stage of their lives, she’s friendly, not fussy and only cries when she needs something (aka. milk or a nappy change). She’s sleeping through the constant noise roaming through our home during the day and lets me sleep a few good hours at night before waking for her next feed. I can’t complain at this point of time, I’m tired and I’m adjusting to splitting my attention between a newborn and two very busy boys, keeping the house in shape and cooking, but it’s going a lot better than I expected. My mother in law was here to help me out for a couple of weeks and from this week on, I’m doing things on my own!

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The boys have taken well to our newest addition. Gremlin can’t leave Cay alone, constantly wanting to kiss her and hold her hand, even offering her some of his toys so she could play with him. Monster took a little longer to warm up to Cay, which wasn’t an issue for us as he has his own way of doing things. At first, he didn’t want to hold her or give her much of his attention, sort of just giving her a glance in passing and then nothing else. However, it turned around very quickly as he started asking if he could hold her and would randomly walk by and just give her kisses or hold her hand. I’m quite happy about their embracing their sister so well! I was a little worried about how Gremlin would react as he’s used to getting all the attention (he’s an attention hog) and if there would be some severe jealousy over his sister, but luckily, things didn’t swing that way!

Hubby Byren decided to stop coaching and has returned to playing rugby again. It’s been three years since he last played so this is a big deal! With this switch, it means he’ll be home a lot more as he won’t have all the extra responsibilities that he had as a coach! Which is great news for our family as we’ll have more time together and the kids will get to see him more often. I’m super bummed that I missed Hubby Byren’s first game last weekend, but at this point, while Cay is still so tiny, it will be a little difficult getting out of the house for so many hours (with three kids) but luckily there will be many more games to look forward to where we can all go with and show our support.

This month, Hubby Byren and I are celebrating our sixth year anniversary, and although we won’t be able to do anything away from home (I’m EBF Cay), it’s my year to plan. And the expectation is high! Last year, Hubby Byren planned an amazing night away for us at a hotel, with an amazing dinner date, and he still reminds me about how awesome it was! How am I supposed to top that??

How has the month of April treated you so far?

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