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What’s in My Baby’s Hospital Bag?

I’ll be lying if I said that I could remember every single item I needed to pack into Cay’s hospital bag.

In fact, when I sat down to write down my list, I completely hit a blank.. Call it a brain fart or pregnancy brain… But I was clueless!

I knew that I needed to pack in nappies… and clothing… and blankets… and…. What else???

Being my third experience, I thought I’d have this handled, done and dusted, pretty quickly, but it took me almost a week to be happy with my packing list because I kept on stressing that I was either packing too much or I was forget something. And when you’re online and looking at what others packed into their baby’s hospital bag, let me tell you, it’s overwhelming! There are so many articles out there telling you what you should or shouldn’t be packing to take with, and many times I found myself wondering, “Did I do it wrong the first two times??”


BUT!! Luckily, you don’t need to follow through with everything you read online, right? (Except this post, do read this post ;)). Whatever information you find online, you can choose what you need to take with and what can wait for when you’re back at home.

At the end of the day, you don’t want to be moving your whole baby room with you but you also don’t want to forget the most important items you need for your baby’s stay at the hospital. 

med2When you’ve booked your bed at the hospital, the admin staff usually provide you with an information booklet; this booklet contains some NB information, so don’t just chuck it aside, make sure to read through it!! It contains one golden page with a suggested packing list for your baby and yourself.

This clears up a lot of possible panic on your side because now you have somewhere to start creating your own packing lists! Also, private hospitals gift mammas on the day of their baby’s birth with a maternity pack which contain some goodies for the baby and the mama, which 1.) It’s awesome to get some spoils and 2.) It means you don’t have to pack certain things into your bags anymore!

The first hospital I gave birth at never disclosed what was in their maternity pack and I only found out on the day I was admitted (thank goodness I packed everything I needed, just in case, although I had much more luggage to take with). The new hospital discloses the products in their information booklet, which made my life a lot easier because I knew what I didn’t need to bring with me.

So without further delay, here is what I packed into Cay’s hospital bag for our four-day stay. You’ll notice that I mention some of the items I’m packing in are singular, and those might be some of the essential ones, but as Hubby Byren will be coming to visit us at the hospital every day, he’ll just bring anything I need extra of with him (this way I don’t over-pack for the stay).FullSizeRender (1)


  • Nappies – I’m excited to try the Huggies My First Nappy range, they are specifically designed to shape neatly around the umbilical cord which takes off the stress of accidentally tugging on it and hurting your baby.
  • Wet wipes – one of the essential items and let’s just say, you’ll be going through a bunch of them right from the start.unnamed (6)
  • Tooth and gum wipes – I’m so happy I came across these while baby shopping. It’s important to keep your baby’s oral hygiene up to standard from day one!
  • Dummy sterilizer spray – I struggled quiet a bit with sterilizing dummy’s during my first two hospital stays, so this will come in handy.
  • Dummy – I’m packing in two, because you always need a spare!
  • Dummy strap – just in case, and it’s so small, it hardly takes up any space.
  • Colic drops – you won’t know if your breast milk will cause your baby to be gassy or not, so having these on hand can’t hurt (also you don’t want to have someone running around, needing to purchase it while your baby is experiencing discomfort.)
  • unnamed (5)


  • Five assorted outfits – Five seems like a lot, but newborns are messy. They poop through their nappies, they pee on you and sometimes there’s a little milk that goes all over the show. These include: body vests, baby grows, leggings, long-sleeved shirts, hats, mittens and socks.
  • Warm baby grows – Specifically if on the day we are discharged from the hospital, it’s chilly outside then baby is snuggled up and warm. 

  • Going home outfit – I’ve always been quite sentimental about the going home outfit so I’m selective about it.unnamed (3)

Blankets and Towels

  • Two warm blankets
  • Five receiver blankets
  • Three burp cloths
  • Towel – the hospital does provide towels but I prefer to use my own.
  • One wash cloth


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Provided in the maternity pack

  • Baby toiletries – lotion, body wash, bum cream, baby oil
  • Cotton wool
  • Surgical spirits
  • Nappies
  • Wet wipes


What did you pack into your baby’s hospital bag? Do you think I left anything important out? What did you realise you’re forgetting?
Let me know in the comments below!

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